Halloween: Sadness Costume

If you haven’t guessed, our family costume this year is Inside Out. My daughter chose to be Sadness and the whole family jumped on board. Leave it to my daughter to pick the emotionally complex one and I was actually quite proud that she did!

Thankfully these costumes turned out to be quite simple.  I found both the wig and the glasses from Amazon.

I knew that living in Southern California there was a good chance that it might be hot in Halloween.  I asked my mom if she could crochet some wrist cuffs and just the neck part to give the allusion of a turtleneck sweater. 

I also found her blue top and pants from Amazon which is super helpful when I can’t always get out of the house.

I will reveal final photos of us in our costumes on Halloween.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

Birthday Banner

Before I had the twins, I knew that my craft making time would be severely limited if not non-existent. As impossible as it seemed, I had to find time to do what I loved. It would keep me sane in all the kiddo madness.

It was my niece’s first birthday and I really wanted to help but I had to keep my expectations realistic. I offered to make the birthday banner in a similar style as the one I made for my nephew’s first birthday.

For more detailed instructions, see here!

Believe it or not, I have a handful of projects that are just waiting to be posted.  Thanks for sticking it out with me and I promise to get them up as soon as I can!


Toddler Table 2

Since making the toddler table for my nephew, I figured that I should probably work on the one in my own home!

Using one of my favorite gold acrylic paints, the same one I used to paint the wedding frame, I put about two coats on the bare wood toddler table.  After drying, a quick coat of acrylic gloss really brought out all of the tiny gold sparkles in the paint.

  I love that this table is simple and classy yet perfect for my little one.  It is still a toddler table but fits right in to the decor of our living room!

Happy New Year NEWS!

img_7858Lately, my posts have been few and far between but I would like to blame it on a little thing called PREGNANCY!

My husband, daughter and I received the shock of our lives when we found out we were pregnant with not one, but TWO BOYS due in June!  I am starting to feel better from the fatigue and morning sickness but now my mind is filled with thoughts and preparations for the near and distant future. You can be sure to see more posts planning for the arrival of my twin additions and I do have some projects I want to show you, waiting in the wings.  But for now, here I am at 17 weeks!  Happy New Years from all FIVE of us!


 IMG_7534Samantha is from England but has been in the U.S. for almost 8 years. She has been an amateur knitter most of her life after her grandmother taught her at an early age. She loves crafting but struggles to complete projects. She has recently started making what she calls “cheat-quilts” – sewing quilts without using any correct technique. Samantha loves making gifts for friends kids and any time she completes a project she is very happy. She says that the best part about crafting is the relaxation it provides so she never takes any project too seriously.

I really love Christmas, and I especially enjoy Christmas crafting. It’s a habit that only really started a few years ago when I found some winter wonderland felt templates on the Martha Stewart website. I had just found out my best friend was pregnant with her first child and in a show of solidarity I decided to not drink alcohol for her entire pregnancy so I spent New Year’s Eve making lots of Christmas tree ornaments for the following year instead of partying.

I came up with the Christmas jumper idea because I had an old jumper that was really comfortable but had a hole in it, so instead of throwing it away, I decided to alter it. I first knitted Christmas trees. I opted for untraditional tree colors (blue and white) because I happened to have that wool lying around and also because I thought they would look icy and snowy.

To knit the trees I cast on a few stiches (4 for the big tree and 2 for the small) and knit for a few rows to form the tree trunk and then at the end of each row, cast on more stiches (10 for big and 7 for small), knit across and then began reducing the stiches at either end to create a triangle type shape for the branches. Once I got back to my original trunk stiches I would knit one row and then begin casting on again at each end,  doing less this time to create smaller branches as the tree got bigger. I sewed the trees onto the jumper covering the hole using a gold thread.

Once the trees were attached I used the gold thread again to sew on little tiny beads in a looping effect to create tinsel. This took a very long time and was a bit frustrating because not all the little beads had the same size center hole so my needle wouldn’t always fit through. If I made another jumper I would sew the tinsel onto the trees before sewing the trees to the jumper because it made a big mess with the thread on the inside of the jumper – but it’s ok, no one can see it.

 The last detail was to sew on little charms which I found at Michaels. I used snowflake shapes, little gifts, stars for the top of the trees and I was most excited to find little multi-colored lights which I attached between the tinsel.

This was such a fun project that really didn’t take very long and I was so pleased with the result. I was really proud of myself because I am a total amateur when it comes to crafting. The one little catch that I didn’t think about when I was making it though…. I can’t wash it. Febreze!!!

Christmas Tree Garland

Last year, I felt like our Christmas tree was missing something. It was filled with lights and ornaments but still did not feel full. I decided to make a traditional ringed garland out of felt so that I could reuse it year after year.

I cut colorful 1 inch by 5 inch strips… and glued the ends together with tacky glue in rainbow order.I made three separate strands so that it would be easier to work around the tree. (Actually I only string it 3/4 around the front. Shhh!) Between holidays, I use an embroidery hoop to store it and keep it from getting tangled.

Now, our tree now feels complete!

Guest Peace: A Rustic Glam Wedding

BrideGroom-064Ariel loves to entertain and plan. As of now, hosting is more of a hobby, however, who knows what the future may hold as it is something she is passionate about and could see doing long term. From planning small backyard gatherings and girls’ nights to planning her own wedding, she found herself right at home putting together all the pieces that made her and her husband’s big day a memorable one.


When sitting down with our wedding coordinator, one of the first questions she asked was, “What is your wedding style?” Not being able to stick to one “theme” I came up with Rustic Glam. In two words I was able to sum up what I was going for- a somewhat country chic setting with a touch of sparkle.

Welcome Sign:
Once I knew there was a wedding to plan, I just picked up and ran with it figuring out the details– small and large– and creating many of the pieces on my own. So, this welcome sign was a fun project for Doug and I to both work on together. This was the first thing our guests saw as they walked in and we thought this sign to be a nice personal touch that welcomed them to our “Happy Ever After.” Since the wedding, it has also served as a sentimental keepsake that we now have in our backyard.

Honoring family:
Doug and I both have had two wonderful men that played huge roles in our lives– and both enjoyed a good party. We wanted to be able to honor Papa and Uncle Tom. Even though we know they were not physically there with us, they were in our hearts– as well as our family’s– on this special day.


Touches of Gold:
Maravilla Gardens has a beautiful array of flowers, various plants and lush trees– not to mention a killer view overlooking farmland (which hit close to home with Doug).


With all these colors and backgrounds, I didn’t want to underwhelm what the property organically provided and overwhelm the ceremony and reception with a rainbow of colors. Bringing the glam to this country chic setting, I chose gold as a color to accent.

From gold rimmed plates to gold frames throughout the setting,

and a (little over the top but totally necessary) gold sequined table cloth, this color brought the elegance and pop of glam I was looking for on our wedding day and added to the beauty of our surroundings.

Reception-058Invitations & Printwork:
With the help of Mel and her husband, our invitations turned out beautiful! By not ordering through an invitation company and assembling these on our own, we were able to cut the costs tremendously. I enjoyed the creative design and process of making these invitations and being able to collaborate with two very talented friends was a huge plus! 

We saved on another cost by printing one large seating chart versus individual table cards. It did help that we had a little connection to have this board printed but I am so happy with how this came out and I thought it was a great visual for guests as well as space saver.


For our guest book, we both didn’t want something that we knew would just collect dust and never get looked at. Having a photo album of our engagement photos for our guests to sign was a fun way to share our beautiful photos from our very talented photographer Rich Lander. Plus, it’s something we can display in our home and want to look at from time to time when we are feeling sentimental.

Photo Ops & Favors:
I love a good photo op and wanted to give guests the opportunity to capture their memories of our special day! This LOVE marquee was a hit, as was the hanging frame for a makeshift photo booth. And of course no wedding these days would be complete without a hashtag- #ACDC0605.

Doug and I went back on forth on different ideas for favors that our guests could take home. The idea of giving them a cookie came suddenly and once it was in our heads there was no turning back. Not everyone knew that our first date was at Diddy Riese in Brentwood, CA so this was a fun way to share this “fun fact” with our guests. Plus, we knew they would enjoy a sweet treat as a takeaway (or, as we heard from multiple guests, something to munch on before dinner)!


Having this wall of photos was a fun way to display our childhood memories as well as our lives together. As I was looking through pictures our moms had given us, I found a lot that matched. So, I thought it would be fun to connect our childhoods by choosing photos that were similar– from the standard baby bathtub picture to preschool photos to riding our first ponies. I even found a picture of Doug and I wearing very similar bucket caps (thank you 80’s). It was great for guests to be able to see where we came from and where we are now and it was a great trip down memory lane for our families and family friends.


Our wedding was a dream come true and I loved being able to incorporate so much of me and Doug on this day. It was so special having our closest family and friends there to celebrate with us and there’s nothing better to hear than, “This was one of the best weddings I’ve been to” from multiple guests. We poured our hearts and souls into this day and it could not have turned out more perfect. What a great start to the next chapter in our life together!


Photography by Rich Lander from Chard Photo.

A Peace Remodel

Happy Friday!  If you have some extra time, be sure to check out the newly remodeled website.  We have been working to make navigation a bit easier and more user-friendly.

On the homepage now, you can see all of the projects featured in one place.  Each photo links to the original blog post!

HomeLittle Peaces from Instagram and Facebook are also all in one place.  If you click on any of these, it will take you directly to the original post and explanations.
Little Peace

And lastly, we created a gallery of all of the Peace of Minds, to help inspire you in all of your creative endeavors.Peace of Mind

It is so cool to see everything laid out in front of me.  I hope you enjoy looking around and I would love to hear your feedback!

Create and Be Proud

photo by Sara Kono

I have a handful of projects that I can’t wait to share with you, but I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how incredibly thankful and humbled I am for all of the positive feedback I have received on my blog.  This originally started as a way to document everything I create and while that is still very much true, I have also found a passion in inspiring others to be creative.  Life is busy, there is never enough time or energy and that is why I feel it is so important to take pride in your creativity.  I would love my blog to not only be a collection of what I make, but also as a forum for you to share your creations.

Whether it be inspirational posters for the children in the hospital…

Posters by Julia, Kathy and Cristina

or a party you threw…

Photo Jul 01, 3 05 10 PM
Garden party by Linda

a gift made for a loved one…

Bunny ring dish by Julie

or an invitation you designed…

Photo Jun 10, 4 26 50 PM
Wedding invitation designed by Ariel & Mel

and especially if you were inspired by one of my posts or put your own spin on it…

Milestone Frame by April
Kids art gallery wall by Angela

I want to see!

Email me your photos or follow me on Facebook and Instagram and use #createandbeproud to share you creations.

Want to see what inspires me or save a project I have posted?  Follow me on Pinterest! I have made a conscious effort to express my style and to only pin projects that I would actually do or use as inspiration to make something new.

Again, thank you for all of the support.  Creating and crafting is near and dear to my heart and it means a ton to know that you are with me in this adventure!