Julie’s Baby Shower

I had the honor of helping to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Julie, with a wonderful group of ladies.

Baby Shower

There wasn’t one theme to the party, but many recurring touches: florals, hearts and chalkboards in pinks, greys and golds.  My toddler generously donated the use of her easel for the welcome at the door.


You will soon learn that I have a thing for scrapbook paper.  I find the possibilities of its use endless.  These heart lanterns were made from 4 sheets of scrapbook paper and a couple sheets of tissue.


The longer I throw events, the more I understand the value of creating sustainable decor.  With the help of my mother-in-law, Vicki, we made fabric flags using various prints and patterns that Julie can hang in the nursery.  The paper heart cut-outs surrounding the invitation were the scraps from the heart lanterns.


From the fabric scraps, Vicki made these adorable stuffed elephants.


Using a random assortment of vases and a handful of flower bunches from the market, arrangements were scattered all around the house.  If you find arranging flowers a daunting task, use small and simple combinations with only a couple different types of flowers.


More scrapbook paper!  Attached to sticks, you can plop them into centerpieces, in food displays and even use them to cover the tables.  These three platters are some of my favorites as the height gives the buffet spread a little more dimension.


If there was one thing that was absolutely necessary, at this shower in particular, it was dessert!  Cari and Heather did a fantastic job with fruit skewers, dipped rice krispie treats and Oreo pops!


Heather put together the “Headband Bar” and it was a great way to let everyone put their touch on a little gift for the new baby.


This centerpiece is made with dollar store fake flowers and Honest Co. rolled diapers in their strawberry print.  Each of the planning ladies were asked to bring a onesie to make another element of decor that is adorable and functional. Go Dodgers!


Vicki created a diaper cake and this little diaper bassinet!


Incorporating the fonts and images from the original invitation, Cari took regular candles and made them into custom, elegant favors.


If you couldn’t tell by now, Julie and Lance will be welcoming a sweet baby girl in July and we are SO excited!

Thank you for all your help, Vicki, Cari, Mary, Erika, Heather and Marcy!  I don’t think the day could have been more perfect for Julie, someone we love very much.



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