Memories of a Wedding…Dress

WeddingOn May 1st, my husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary! In honor of this special milestone, I wanted to share a way that my wedding dress has evolved since that time.

details037_compositeAround our one year, I cut my entire dress to shreds.  No…it was not out of anger and YES…I was terrified to do it.  What prompted me to do to such a thing was the thought of this beautiful dress stashed in the corner of our closet, only to gather dust and be forgotten. I wanted it to be a part of our everyday lives.

weddress-3My dress, although simple, had delicate fabric and beaded flowers scattered along the skirt and train.  They were a perfect part of the dress to display. For contrast and to make the embellishments stand out, I draped the ivory, flowered netting on top of a solid grey fabric.  They were then framed and hung over our bed.

weddress-1I think I can speak for most in saying that finding artwork for your home is really difficult.  Ideally, you want something that both reflects your style and has meaning.  This was a fantastic option to fulfilling both. Not only does this fit the look of our home, but when I walk into our room, I am reminded of our wedding day and how incredibly grateful I am for the last five years.

Wedding photography by Karen Nakamura



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    1. My husband and I will be married 56 years next month. I pulled my wedding dress out this week and want to do something with it for our 4 daughters thanks for this tip.

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