Embellished Letters

I am an auntie again!  My adorable little niece is a week and a couple days old and to celebrate this new life, I wanted to share something my mother in law, Vicki, and I made for her.

Vicki told me that she got some letters from the craft store and would love my help in thinking of ways to decorate them for the nursery.
In brainstorming this process, I knew that I wanted multiple textures in order to keep the letters interesting and to give it a really custom and handmade feel.  After a very successful shopping trip, we picked up yarn, tulle, embossed scrapbook paper, glitter, adhesive pearls and chiffon flowers.

To cover the letters in scrapbook paper, trace a flipped over letter on the back of the paper.  After cutting it out, we used spray adhesive to affix it to the letter.  In a matter of minutes, it was dry.

Spray adhesive was also used to cover the “I” with glitter.  We used a couple coats of both just to make sure that there was an even cover of glitter.  Using white glitter on a white painted letter helped to disguise any holes, if there were any.Wrapping the letters in yarn and tulle was by far the hardest step.  I found that by wrapping in the long direction first, as pictured above, and then continuing to wrap in the short direction covered most of the gaps.  A glue gun also helped tremendously to keep the wraps in place as we went along.

Probably the most fun part of the process was embellishing each letter with the florals and pearls in a unique but cohesive way.


It was a challenge to mix so many different elements while sticking to one style.  One thing I try to do, is to pick one element that you really love and center your design around that.  The fabric flowers were one of the first things we found and our favorite.  Everything else we chose was based on those flowers.We can’t wait to see what they will look like up on the wall of the nursery.  I will have to post a photo when they are hung.

Stay tuned as I really want to try these letters again for a friend’s living room!



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