Framing a Milestone

Greeting cards…from birthdays, from showers, from graduations, stacked high in boxes, in the closet, in the garage, or not.  Maybe they collect for a day or so and then find themselves in the trash bin.  Yes, we have all done it with maybe just a little bit of guilt, or not.

cardscutouts-26The first Milestone Frame I ever did was after our wedding. This project lent itself nicely to this time as we had just celebrated a major moment in our lives and were beginning to build our home.  The same goes for baby showers and first birthdays as the parents I know are always looking for ways to decorate the walls of the nursery.  This current project is from the cards from Julie’s baby shower.
cardscutouts-2cardscutouts-6After gathering all of the cards from the occasion, I used a heart shaped punch to highlight certain pictures or patterns that I thought were interesting and in this case, cute!  Sometimes, I find entire pieces of a card to incorporate, like the letters, the bear, and the duckie.
cardscutouts-13The best part about getting a card is the message inside.  Before closing up the back, I wanted to make sure to preserve and include these well wishes.

cardscutouts-composite1In this piece, the hearts took a very organic shape around the letters.  In others, I have used a more structured form.  On a side note, my favorite place to buy frames is IKEA.  This is the Viserum, but I also love the Ribba and the Sondrum.  The frames are classy, modern, come with matte board and are unbeatable in price!

For my nephew’s room from the baby shower.
For a first birthday.

As a gift or something you do for yourself, with happy occasions or even ones with grief, these Milestone Frames can serve as a constant reminder of all the love and support around you.





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