A Palm Springs Bachelorette

My sister said YAAAS! So we took her and her friends to Palm Springs and rented the cutest, happiest, mid-century modern home for her bachelorette.

Do you recognize these banners? We used them for her Metallic Garden Bridal Shower!

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As soon as my sister Emily and I saw this living room, we knew it was the perfect house for Sara, the soon-to-be bride.

The decor was so great on its own that we decorated very strategically and minimally. Gold confetti balloons hung from the chandelier and the lamp.In the entry, hung the custom doily and her “I said yes!” bridal sash that I made using my Cricut and gold foil iron on. I made it a little differently with thicker ribbon just in the front and a woven cream and gold, thin ribbon in the back. We also scattered colorful, metallic balloons around the room. Don’t they look great against this rug?!I brought supplies to make custom pins out of shrink plastic. Of course I did! How cute is this palm leaf Sara made to remember the occasion. Also, a close-up of her sash.My favorite piece of decor is this very “Palm Springs” party banner which I made from these awesome icons by Valerie Thompson from the modern flâneur. So much fun.

You know what else was fun? These drink floaties!!!Everyone loved the aqua vintage fridge and we stocked the counter with drinks and the party favors: rainbow tumblers I customized with holographic vinyl , geometric shapes, a mini cactus and the “S+C”.

The tumblers worked perfectly for the long days we spent lounging and floating in our own pool!

Not only were the living spaces adorable, but so were each of the bedrooms.

Emily and I knew Sara would not be into the matching shirts, sashes, and hats for all of her friends to wear out, so instead we decided to have everyone wear felt flower pins in different colors. Emily picked the Mermaid Lagoon palette from Benzie Design and I had Sara give me a tutorial because she is the felt flower master. She had no idea I was learning it for her own party though!Cocktails and tapas at Azucar in the La Serena Villas resort to end the trip!Perfect weekend? Check! Happy sister? Check!!!


Mason Jar Favors

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Did you catch those adorable little mason jar favors on my last post, A Metallic Garden Bridal Shower? Mason jars are the way to package things these days but it can be challenging to dress them up while staying in line with the guest of honor’s tastes. Here’s how we did it.

My sister, Emily made these gorgeous gem shaped soaps and we knew that they deserved something beautiful to be packaged in.

She found the cutest, little mason jars. We added some white and gold shred inside which held and protected the soap gem perfectly.

For the top of the jar, the good folks at Cream City Ribbon sent me some of their gorgeous ribbons in the colors, Copen, Copper and Kraft with Cream. I wish you could feel these. They are super luxurious and elegant while having a paper-like, artisanal feel. I knew they would give the favors a touch of fancy while still having an understated beauty, just like my sister, the bride-to-be’s tastes!

To make the bow, I cut pieces of ribbon about 6 inches long. Using craft glue tape, I glued them into loops.

I brought the loop down in the middle and wrapped a small piece of ribbon around the middle.

Aren’t they adorable? This type of bow can be difficult to make look elegant if you don’t have the right type of ribbon and the Cream City Ribbons worked perfectly. I almost want to make little hair bows out of them!

Using my handy Cricut, I cut out octagons with a heart and the couples initials. The bow was glued right in the middle.

And that’s it! Wasn’t that super easy? Not only are they so cute on their own, but they look amazing all lined up in rows together ready to be taken home and enjoyed.

A Metallic Garden Bridal Shower

My sister Sara is getting married! The bridal shower kicked off all of the wedding festivities so Emily, our youngest sister, and I wanted to make sure we set the tone right. Not gonna lie, the tone was really hard for me to get a handle on as I kept wavering between a lot of different themes and looks to the shower. Emily set us on the right track when she sent me a color palette that she thought really resembled Sara’s tastes. From there, I was able to base almost every decor decision on that color palette.

TIP: When planning an event’s decor, find one or two inspiration pieces (a color palette, a swatch of fabric, a paper print, a piece of home decor, a bouquet of flowers, etc.) that will be your guide. Measure each decor decision on those inspiration pieces and you will have a cohesive look to your party!

I love decorating my front door for events. For one, it let’s your guests know they have the right house and I think it just adds to the party atmosphere.  Sara’s taste is a sort of classy, minimalist with just a touch of pop whether that be metallic or floral or color. She loves clean lines and simple design and I tried to tailor the look of that in her invites.

The entry way is always a fun place for me to decorate. Emily inspired my cherry blossom banner and doily cut-outs in her suggestion to use circles in the decor. And we found this AMAZING letter board on sale the day before the shower.

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The favors were handmade, scented gem soaps, made by Ems! (Tutorial here) Each color was a different scent, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender!

As with any design aspect of our party, the favor packaging was very important. We needed the outside to match the amazing soap inside. I was introduced to Cream City Ribbon and the beautiful ribbons they make. They were the perfect addition to the favors as Sara has a deep love and appreciation of artisanal work and these are made on machines from the 1920’s!  See more here!

The only instruction Sara told me and Ems was “No cheesy games!” LOL! Is there anyone out there that actually likes those cheesy shower games??? If so, I have not met them yet. Sara and Cole love to eat and cook and as Cole is vegetarian, they could always use more options of meals they can enjoy together as a couple. Recipe cards were sent out in the mail with the invite and we asked that they write down their fav dish (veg appreciated) and bring it to the shower. Our other activities included a date night idea jar and the ring game! Aren’t those rings adorable? They are erasers believe it or not! You can find them here.

All of these floral handkerchiefs belonged to our grandmother who passed recently and it was a nice way of having a part of her there.

My favorite party drinkware are the glasses from the dollar store! The best part is that they are all plastic. The little “love” swizzle sticks completed the picture.

In typical brunch fashion, there were a lot of cute, little bites to eat: mini pancakes, egg souffle, cut fruit and mini yogurt parfaits… with the centerpiece being my paper leaf and metallic octagon chandelier. Tutorial here!

Our local Spudnuts donut shop not only has the best tasting donuts but they do custom decorations! They were able to swash these with light strokes of metallic edible paint for me and they could not have been more perfect. Especially with their glitter gem toppers.

Have I told you guys how much I love my Cricut? I mean, look what it does for me! If you have the vision, it can make it!

Custom cut doilies, leaves and metallic octogans hung from the patio lights and decorated the tables.

TIP: Use your Cricut “weeds” or the cut-out parts you are not going to use, as confetti!

Last, but not least, there is a wall in my dining room that I always like to use as a photo wall. See my other photo backdrop here.

TIP: A photo wall not only adds more decor to the event but is a great reminder to take photos!

I covered the painting that was already hanging there in craft paper and Emily found the most perfect colored streamers (teal, peach and grey) and hung them as a backdrop.

Happy to say, that despite the 100 degree weather, the event was a complete success just based on seeing our sister’s face and hearing her reaction when she walked in the door and I hoped she felt very loved! Stay tuned for the next event, the Palm Springs trip!




Pom Pom & Tassel Keychains

Did you catch those pom pom and tassel keychains at my Craft Night? Well, they were a super easy DIY favor I gave to everyone who joined in all of the making!

When we returned from vacation in Cabo, Mexico, I was so inspired by all of the colors in their handmade pom pom and tassel items that I went straight to the craft store and picked up these yarn skeins with super bright color gradients.

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For this craft, you will need:

Now, you don’t “need” to buy a pom pom and tassel maker BUT I did try and make them using the hacks you can find online and let’s just say I was happy to invest the <$10 for each of these items to make my life a little easier.

The directions on the back of the pom pom and tassel maker packages were fairly good but if you prefer to try your own method, Pinterest has some great tutorials.

When you make your tassel, make sure to leave enough string on top to add your pom pom and any beads you want to use. You will also be tying the lobster clasp to that string so make sure to factor that into the length as well.

  1. Thread your string into a large needle.
  2. Add your beads and use the needle to push the string through the center of the pom pom.
  3. Add more beads on top if you wish.
  4. Double-knot the end of your string to the jump ring.
  5. Attach the jump ring to the lobster clasp.

*I did not do this, but would suggest adding a little hot glue to my knot on the jump ring as mine already untied. But I think adding the glue should do the trick. Thank goodness for the glue gun!

These keychains look especially good attached to your black bags because of how much the colors pop! Add them to your beach bag, your car, your purse or backpack or give them away to friends!


Sparkle Wine Charms

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Wine, glitter and unicorns.  Really, what’s not to like??? I know, I know, you don’t really want to hear about another unicorn anything, or do you? I have to admit, I am actually not much of a unicorn lover but I love all of the rainbow color combos that are coming out of it.  In honor of the unicorn craze, here are my unicorn sparkle wine charms.

You will need:

I love glitter but it can be such a mess. Line a baking sheet with foil and line up your pendant bases. I love the feminine scallops on these.  They remind me of unicorns. To scoop the glitter out of the tube, I used a seafood scoop/pick.  It’s the perfect size to reach into the tube and it picks up just the right amount of glitter. Carefully cover the base with glitter.  I sprinkled a larger size glitter on top but you can experiment and mix with other colors as well! Once you’ve covered the bottom, make sure it is leveled out as best as possible. The seafood scoop worked great for this. Now add a thin layer of your enameling resin.Once you’ve covered them all, pop them into the oven at 325 degrees for only a couple minutes or until you see the resin has cleared.  Once cooled add another layer of resin and repeat in the oven. Continue to do this until it is smooth and completely covered.  After the first cycle, don’t worry if you see craters in the glitter when you take them out. Fill those areas with more glitter as needed to cover the base, but I would only do this after the first cycle.

The resin will harden almost immediately and give you a smooth surface while letting the glitter sparkle through.

With a pair of needle nose pliers, attach the jump rings to the pendants and then attach the charm rings.

And that’s it! Invite all of your unicorn friends over for that glass of bubbly and make sure to follow me on Instagram. I will be giving away a set of Unicorn Sparkle Wine Charms and details will be posted today!
















A Balloons & Bubbly Sprinkle

On my husband’s side, between him and his two sisters, there have been 6 grandkids born in 4 years! With the next making her grand appearance this summer, we wanted to celebrate my sister in law and our new niece with a little sprinkle and the theme was Balloons & Bubbly! Two things that are very hard not to love and to decorate for. Needless to say, I was excited to help plan it and my inspiration: rose gold, blush and champagne. The drink and the color!

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In the entryway, I borrowed a gorgeous gold sequined table cloth from a dear friend to cover the console table. (Remember A Rustic, Glam Wedding?) Yes, it was gorgeous! It was the perfect place for the favors: bottles of rose champagne and rose gold goodie bags with personalized handwritten tags.

Going with the theme, goodies for the guest included everything that “pops”: bubbly, bubblegum, blow pops and popcorn!

A big thing right now is metallic cutlery and I was able to find these rose gold plastic forks, just perfect to eat the mini blush cupcakes with pearl sprinkles.

I used white melting chocolates to lighten up the pink ones to a very light blush color as well and decorated them with pearl white and gold sprinkles.

Using chiffon and tulle fabric strips, I strung them across the fireplace for a whimsical and feminine tassel garland.  TIP: To give your fabric garland a more modern feel, try to keep each strip a uniform length and thickness. Also cut away any loose strings or frayed edges.

For parties and events, I love creating my own floral arrangements.  I picked up a bunch of blush and light green roses and a bouquet of mixed white and green flowers.  I always have a bunch of different shaped vases in the house and even use my tealight holders for the cutest mini arrangements.

Can you believe these champagne glasses are from the dollar store??? Since the party was on the smaller side (about 12 people), I wanted to personalize the glasses and decided to make custom initial charms.  See the tutorial here!

Hanging over the dining room table, were diamond honeycomb decorations that I added rose, blush and champagne colored ribbon to. TIP: If you purchase decorations, try to find ones in basic solid colors or shapes that can be reused at other events.  Small elements like ribbons can personalize it to the event’s theme.

To go with the bubbly theme, I used lots of clear balloons. I strung some and put them over the sliding doors and windows and also made a balloon wall where guests could take pictures. See how I made it here!

Since it was a “sprinkle” we wanted most of the time for my sister in law to visit with her close friends and family.  We did include a small activity where guests could write endearing and funny messages on diapers for those rough midnight changings.

Honestly, I never really understood the concept of the “sprinkle” as I always thought that having another shower, which is basically what a sprinkle is, was a faux pas.  But now, having had 3 kids, I really think it is not a shower but more of a last hurrah before the baby comes.  A reason to throw a party and celebrate with all of the people closest to you before you become twice (or more!) as busy as you were before!






GUEST PEACE: A Gold, Glam, and Fab Bridal Shower

My dear friend, Yadira, is engaged to be married next month and she recently had her bridal shower hosted by Linda and family.  This fam could open their own event planning business with talents in multiple areas! Needless to say, they threw a gorgeous bridal shower.  Here is a peek into her gold, glam and fab shower!

A re-purposed wood sign and thrift store wire screen painted gold by Linda’s daughter and the bride-to-be’s BFF, Katie. Photos hung on the screen by Jordan Hazel.Linda’s husband, Reid and craftsman extraordinaire, painted and put together the posts surrounding the main banquet table.Outdoor bar cart complete with a hand stenciled “Bubbly Bar” sign and lots of rose!Gorgeous floral centerpieces by Linda’s friend, Elizabeth: roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, stock, coffee bean and geranium leaves

The gold containers were spray painted gold by Reid and complimented by paper goods purchased from Etsy and Cake Girls.Catering by Linda’s son, Daniel: smoked salmon, parmesan crisps with a goat cheese mousse, chicken salad on wonton skins, toasted points with micro greens and vinegarette, bruschetta, mini eggplant sandwiches, and mixed greens with carrots, cucumbers, and grilled chicken with a ginger citrus dressing.Linda’s daughter, Sarah, made the naked cake from scratch to accompany the mini eclairs and cream puffs.Custom photo backdrop complete with an old painted bench by Reid, tissue paper tassels, and gold frames.Katie spray painted old wine and beer bottles to place as accent pieces around the garden.Favor bags: pink tea bag with a pink rock candy stickWhite lanterns and glass and gold tea light holders hung from the poles above the table for a dreamy and romantic feel.The beautiful bride-to-be and her flower crown by Elizabeth.  We can’t wait for you and Mike to tie the knot!

Linda is a Southern California native and a passionate party planner in her spare time. Every event she holds is perfected down the the smallest detail.  She has a beautiful eye for color and shabby-chic, rustic decor. She is a loving wife, mother of 6 and has 8 grandchildren!  That’s a lot of parties!



Guest Peace: Cakes & Cookies

Tiffany is a full time working mom of 3 amazing kids ranging from 8 months to almost 8 years old. She has loved cooking and baking since she was a kid. After completing her master’s degree in business, she was still drawn to cooking and baking and decided to attend culinary school. Tiffany had her first child towards the end of her culinary education and since then making treats for family and friends has been her culinary outlet.

I started dabbling in cake and cookie decorating when my oldest son turned 3. I had very specific ideas of how I wanted the kid’s birthday cakes and treats to look which made the ones I purchased pretty pricey.

Photo May 15, 1 04 22 PM

As I decorate my treats my older kids often sit at the table and work on their own creations. They usually end up using the extra fondant like play dough which gets messy but it is fun quality time.

Most of my designs are based on what the client requests. And by clients I mean my kids, nieces, nephews and close family friends.

One of my latest projects was a doll cake for my niece. She knew exactly what she wanted and gave me detailed instructions. It was so much fun.

Photo Jun 26, 3 32 40 PM

The typical design process starts with the client telling me the theme of the cake. Then together we look at pictures so that I am sure to include important details. Once that is done I sketch out a rough drawing of the cake and create a game plan on how to accomplish the design. With the exception of the dolls, I try to keep everything edible.

Photo Jun 26, 3 32 49 PM

Larger figurines on my cakes are made out of rice krispy treats. What’s the point if you can’t eat it, right? If krispy treats do not work I use extra cake or even cookies to get the job done.

Photo May 15, 1 04 05 PM

Taste was also a huge factor in how I wanted to make my cakes and cookies. I was never a huge fan of fondant until I happened across a recipe for marshmallow fondant. What a game changer! Delicious and I could make all sorts of fun design with it.

For the cookies, I use candy melts for the simple designs. Candy melts on sugar cookies are wonderful! There are times when royal icing is necessary though. I try to keep the designs simple so that the cookies do not need extended drying times. There is nothing tasty about a dry cookie.

My fondest memories are cooking and baking with my grandma over the weekends. It was never anything particularly fancy but my grandma had a way of making the simplest things amazing. Now as a mom of 3 I want to create similar memories with my kids.





Twin Party

My wonderful bff and family threw me a small get together to celebrate the imminent arrival of our twin boys.  It was so nice to see everyone and get to spend some time with each of them as I know after the boys are here, we may disappear into a black hole for a while.

When they asked me what I wanted in terms of a party, the first thing I told them was simple.  No games, no decor…just some desserts and drinks and a place for us to get together.  Of course, they made it the most elegant and delicious “simple” celebration possible!

img_8809Thanks to Westwood Flower Garden, the tables were adorned with a beautiful type of baby’s breath, yellow feverfew and orange and yellow tulips, all in metallic vases.

My sister, Sara, put together a sangria bar, complete with all the fruit and garnish you could ask for, even jalapenos!

img_8884Appropriately enough, she made a “baby-friendly” version.img_8887Desserts included a delicious, homemade chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and fresh flowers and metallic sprinkles…

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetChocolate covered strawberries, homemade lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and vanilla pudding cups with fruit.img_8885For the favors, my bff made peppermint flavored rock candy and white chocolate bark with edible, gold star sparkles.  Almost too beautiful to eat!img_8883My sister, Emily and my Auntie Julie drew 26 animals.  One for each letter of the alphabet and asked that guests make one page for the boys’ alphabet book.  Such a simple and cute activity for the guest to do.

I am so lucky to have these wonderful women in my life.  Thank you to Lauren, my sisters, my mom and my mother in law for knowing me so well and making it the perfect “twin party!” img_8890