Totoro Party

My daughter has been enamored by the Japanese animated film, Totoro, from the first time she saw it and we knew this would be the theme for her second birthday. Preparation started months before, not necessarily creating but brainstorming. This was not something I could run to the store and buy for, so I had to figure out how to create the best Totoro party from scratch.



More often than not, I start to create for parties without knowing exactly what I am going to do with them.  My motto is that you can always find a place for things as long as you are happy with the outcome.  The design of Totoro is so simplistic, it lends itself nicely to the imagination.  The soot sprites are a sort of dust bunny in the film.  What could be easier than googly eyes on a black poof ball!


I hardly ever throw anything out from a previous event.  These buckets were the centerpieces at my daughter’s first birthday and I was able to draw a quick Totoro face with black marker and a little felt and use them for favors.  Tags made of Japanese inspired scrapbook paper completed the look.


Creativity definitely runs in the family.  My mother and sisters made the birthday banner, my cousin made the soot sprite cupcakes and my brother in-law took the photos at the park.

Ellie's 2nd 03.29.15 - 4

Ellie's 2nd 03.29.15 - 5


Ellie's 2nd 03.29.15 - 9-10_COMPOSITEforBlog

I still love sending mail and I think people still enjoy receiving mail!  I found a pack of Totoro playing cards online and thought they would be a great addition to create custom thank you cards.

Ellie's 2nd 03.29.15 - 15

photo by 

I could not have been happier with the way the decorations worked with the location and I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who made the day so special for our little girl!




11 thoughts on “Totoro Party

    1. Hi Valerie! They are actually tissue paper pom poms with rounded edges. You can google or Pinterest tissue paper poms and find a tutorial.

      1. Oh great!!! Instead of tissue, would black rubbish bags be a suitable substitute if I cut them up? Of if not, may I inquire where you got the black tissue from? Thank you!! 🙂

        1. Hmm you could try but they might be too floppy. I made these so long ago that I can’t remember where I found the black tissue but you could probably find some online. Maybe Amazon?

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