Paper Umbrella Wreath

A very special 3 year old’s birthday is coming up soon and  prep has begun! If you have seen Pixar’s Inside Out, then you have seen the short, Lava. My daughter fell instantly in (should I say it?) “lava!”  Haha!

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Thanks to the Family Chic blog, I made my version of her paper umbrella wreath for the front door. All I used was a foam wreath and those cheap, little, paper cocktail umbrellas.

After opening them up, all you do is push them through the foam.  I learned about half way through though that it was much easier to push them through when i broke off the ends of the toothpick to make them a little shorter.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was and how good the finished product looked!  All for under 10 dollars.See more Lava 3rd birthday party here!

8 thoughts on “Paper Umbrella Wreath

    1. Good question! I actually do not know the exact number but I did not use more than one box of the 144 ct. I bought. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Janice! I think it was a 15 inch wreath? It was so long ago but I know it was bigger than 12 inches for sure!

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