A Birthday to “Lava”

Our little girl turned 3 last month. How time flies! One of her favorite movies is the Pixar animated short, Lava, about a Hawaiian volcano looking for love. It was the perfect theme for her birthday party.

As the guests arrived, Lele, the volcano’s love greeted them with a lei.   The paper umbrella wreath found a home on the front door with a pink ribbon.  The backyard was where most of the party would take place.

  Simple colored glass vases doubled as centerpiece as well as holding down colorful napkins on the picnic table.

  The same leis that greeted guests at the front door were strung together and hung under the pergola for some eye popping color. Fake, tropical leaves were stapled onto a rope and hung from the eaves of the house.  Paper lanterns and honeycombs were hung from the trees.  Both the tropical leaves, lanterns and honeycombs were from previous events I had planned.  Holding on to certain decorations can come in handy.
    For the kiddies, there was a plastic pool with balls and another splash pool with water.
  Uku’s Fishing Hole let them catch colorful fishes of their choice.   And a sandy treasure hunt let them dig for gold coins, jeweled rings and beaded necklaces. Any gummy fan would have loved the favors: gummy fruits and ribbon skewers!  One of the best parts of the party was six layer rainbow and M&M cake grandma made.  Our daughter had a blast as you can tell from this photo!

See her 2nd birthday party here!



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