IMG_7534Samantha is from England but has been in the U.S. for almost 8 years. She has been an amateur knitter most of her life after her grandmother taught her at an early age. She loves crafting but struggles to complete projects. She has recently started making what she calls “cheat-quilts” – sewing quilts without using any correct technique. Samantha loves making gifts for friends kids and any time she completes a project she is very happy. She says that the best part about crafting is the relaxation it provides so she never takes any project too seriously.

I really love Christmas, and I especially enjoy Christmas crafting. It’s a habit that only really started a few years ago when I found some winter wonderland felt templates on the Martha Stewart website. I had just found out my best friend was pregnant with her first child and in a show of solidarity I decided to not drink alcohol for her entire pregnancy so I spent New Year’s Eve making lots of Christmas tree ornaments for the following year instead of partying.

I came up with the Christmas jumper idea because I had an old jumper that was really comfortable but had a hole in it, so instead of throwing it away, I decided to alter it. I first knitted Christmas trees. I opted for untraditional tree colors (blue and white) because I happened to have that wool lying around and also because I thought they would look icy and snowy.

To knit the trees I cast on a few stiches (4 for the big tree and 2 for the small) and knit for a few rows to form the tree trunk and then at the end of each row, cast on more stiches (10 for big and 7 for small), knit across and then began reducing the stiches at either end to create a triangle type shape for the branches. Once I got back to my original trunk stiches I would knit one row and then begin casting on again at each end,  doing less this time to create smaller branches as the tree got bigger. I sewed the trees onto the jumper covering the hole using a gold thread.

Once the trees were attached I used the gold thread again to sew on little tiny beads in a looping effect to create tinsel. This took a very long time and was a bit frustrating because not all the little beads had the same size center hole so my needle wouldn’t always fit through. If I made another jumper I would sew the tinsel onto the trees before sewing the trees to the jumper because it made a big mess with the thread on the inside of the jumper – but it’s ok, no one can see it.

 The last detail was to sew on little charms which I found at Michaels. I used snowflake shapes, little gifts, stars for the top of the trees and I was most excited to find little multi-colored lights which I attached between the tinsel.

This was such a fun project that really didn’t take very long and I was so pleased with the result. I was really proud of myself because I am a total amateur when it comes to crafting. The one little catch that I didn’t think about when I was making it though…. I can’t wash it. Febreze!!!




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