Seussical Headbands

One of our favorite things to do with our daughter (other than Disneyland, of course) is to take her to local shows and plays performed by other children.  She sits there in awe throughout the entire thing, loving each song and all of the sets and costumes.

Similar to when we went to see The Little Mermaid with our close friends, I wanted make something fun for the girls to wear to see Seussical, The Musical.  I was excited to make something quirky and colorful to match the Dr. Seuss style and took a trip to the dollar store for supplies!

I decided on headbands and gathered some pom poms, beads, pipe cleaners, fuzzy hair ties and foam stars. Using a hole punch, I made a hole in the center of each star.

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Wrapping the pipe cleaner around the headband, I was able to pull it through the middle of the star and affix a felt circle to the back with glue.

I glued on the fuzzy hair tie, added some beads and spiraled the pipe cleaner.  To finish it off, I added different color pom poms to the top and side of the headband.

Since I made these the day of the play, I used a glue gun.  No drying time needed!

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My daughter is very into arts and crafts. (Surprise, Surprise! I know!) She wanted to make bracelets for her friend as well.

Although the play was so much fun on its own, the headbands really got them in the spirit. Plus, how adorable do they look on these goofy girlies!



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