Fourth of July Parade Shaker Wand

Last year was the first time we celebrated the Fourth of July at an Independence Day Parade and I was so impressed by how dressed up and festive everyone was. I made these Star Spangled Shaker Wands and it was so fun for the kids to walk down the parade route waving them around proudly. This year, I decided to make a new version of the shaker wand using cardstock and paper straws!

You and your kids will love how much fun these shaker wands are to make. The little pieces of star confetti float around with every wave. Find out how to make your very own on the Cardstock Warehouse Blog!

DIY Valentine’s Resist Hearts

I am so excited to be a part of the Cardstock Warehouse 2018 Design Team where I have the opportunity to work with some really beautiful and luxurious paper, alongside some very creative ladies.

My very first post is up! My daughter and I show you how we handmade secret message Valentines and personal paint palettes for her classmates.

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Small World Inspired Christmas Garland

One of my favorite Disneyland rides during the holidays is “It’s a Small World.” I love, love, love all of the white sparkly decor and especially the huge white garland that is on almost everything inside the ride! The best part about the garland is the plastic, translucent, iridescent balls on the lights.

I have been wanting to recreate these for years but it was difficult finding iridescent, clear ornament balls that were made of plastic and not glass until I ran into them at Joann’s this season! I think I did a pretty good job…the left is on the actual ride and the right is my version!

To give your garland a little something extra this season, all you need are some white sparkly garland, colorful lights, and plastic, iridescent ornament balls.

To prep the balls, remove the aluminum caps and metal pins.

Slide the pin around the light wires and behind the light you want the ball to go around.

While putting the light in the ball, insert the metal pin as well and push together.

The wire should hold the ball in place, with the light in the center!

Look at how magical they are! I love the way the iridescent ball reflects all of the the different colors of lights. They definitely give me Small World vibes and now I want to make all of our holiday decor in these colors!

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Halloween: Superhero Costumes


It’s a family of SUPERS! Having kids has turned Halloween from one of my least favorite holidays to one of my favorites. Now that my daughter is 4, she is able to tell me exactly who she wants to be and I love the challenge of making the costume.  This year she wanted to be a Superhero Princess and it could not be more perfect for her or her brothers as they each have their own sets of superpowers.

Using felt, glitter canvas, gold foil iron-on, metallic duct tape, and sparkly ribbon, I was able to make all of the pieces of their costume. Their arm and leg cuffs and belt are removable using velcro strips. The boys solid onesies are from Primary and I was able to find the capes and masks from Amazon.  All of which I embellished using a little hot glue and my Cricut machine.

My husband and I came up with their own logos and symbols to match their superhero names: Super Princess Ellie, Thundercloud Chasey and Lightning Cades!

Thundercloud Chasey

Powers: Strength, Sneakiness
Description: Chase the “Thundercloud” sneaks up on bad guys with his stealth moves and surprisingly loud screams. He gets his strength from his “thunder” thighs.

Lightning Cades

Powers: Speed, Throwing
Description: Lightning Cades outruns all of his enemies and never stays in one place. He throws everything he can get his hands on and never misses his target.

Super Princess Ellie

Powers: Kindness, Wit, Laughter
Description: Ellie isn’t your average superhero or princess. She defeats enemies with her mind and epic dance-offs.

Let me tell you, I had high hopes for a professional photo shoot in front of a green screen and everything and then the flu hit our household and mommy’s superpowers were almost depleted. That’s the thing though about a family of SUPERS, I was able to pull powers from each of these little heroes and my number one hero, my husband, to power through and get these finished just in time for Halloween. Whew!

Happy Halloween!




Star Spangled Shaker Wands

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

Part of the problem of being a crafter is that there is always another tool/toy that you want.  Have you seen those awesome clear plastic shaker pouches where you can add confetti and sequins inside?  Well, I love them. They are made using a fuse tool to melt the plastic together, which I don’t have but want one day. When I saw the Fourth of July Ribbon Wand from Sweet Rose Studio,  I knew that there had to be a way that I could make these with the supplies I had. And that’s when I thought, GLUE GUN!

For these star spangled wands you will need:

  1. To start with the shaker top of your wand, cut out a shape template. This star was 4 inches across. Insert it into the plastic sleeve.
  2. Heat up the glue gun and run the tip of the glue gun around your shape template slowly to melt the two plastic layers together. Make sure to do this on top of a heat proof surface. I used a silicone mat on top of my cutting mat.
  3. Fuse all the edges together leaving an opening big enough to put in the confetti and glitter stars.
  4. Cut out your star around the fused area leaving extra plastic around the open section.

Cut out some stars, a little larger than the confetti, out of the glitter canvas.  I cut enough to glue them back-to-back so that each side was a glitter side!

Remove your paper template from inside the plastic and insert your confetti and glitter stars, the best part! To seal it off, put your paper template on top of your heat mat with your shaker star on top.  You can see the template through the plastic and this will allow you to continue to fuse along the remaining edges with your glue gun. The lines were not as straight and thin as they would be with a fuse tool, but they did the job for this project.

Since this was so last minute, I was not able to find any 4th of July themed ribbon. Using the same confetti, I glued red, white and blue stars to the white ribbon. Figure out how full you want your ribbon wands to be and how long to cut them. I used 5 red and 3 white ribbons about 16 inches long. Take your wood dowel and glue gun the ribbons all around the top.Wrap your thin rope to cover the edges of the ribbon around the top of the dowel and secure with hot glue. Add a generous amount of hot glue to the wrapped rope, wait a few seconds for it to cool a bit, and then attach your shaker star.You are ready for your 4th of July parade!


Embroidered Easter Bunny Bags

We live in a fairly small home and I am always thinking about storage when I create, especially for the holidays. My four year old has an Easter basket big enough that she can sit in. With three kids now, that is not going to work! Instead, I found these adorable bunny ear bags, that can be flattened and folded. They just needed a bit of personalizing. I found gradient colored embroidery floss in pastels and decided to embroider names on the bags.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

You will need:

  • Bunny Bags
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Needle (or one big enough to thread however many strands you want to use)
  • Ink Pen
  • Ruler

Using a very thin gel ink pen, I wrote out their names in cursive. If you want to make sure you write in a straight line, use a ruler or the edge of a piece of paper to guide you. Because the bags were made of burlap, I wanted to make the stitch as thick as possible. I used the entire 6 strands and did an outline stitch.

After completing them, I still felt like they were missing something. Lately, I have been admiring all of the floral embroidery as well as all of the different stitches I have yet to learn. Flowers seemed like the perfect thing for an Easter bag without being overpowering.

Chase’s flower looks almost like a spider mum, with a yellow center. I used a satin stitch and french knots (one of my favorites!).

For Caden’s daisies I found a new stitch called a lazy daisy stitch. 🙂

And for Ellie’s, I used the outline stitch, straight stitch and a couple of french knots for her tulip.

Here are the final products! I think my little bunnies will have a much easier time hunting for eggs and carrying these bags around. Happy Easter!


Guest Peacer, Linda got these bunny bags embroidered for her 9 grandkids! Aren’t they adorable?!

Bunny Bags








Halloween: Inside Out

The moment you have all been waiting for!  Our INSIDE OUT family!







We are always proud of our daughter but she really took the cake with this one.  She was set on making sure her body language spoke “Sadness.” From choosing Sadness as her costume to getting perfectly in character, this girl is a SUPERSTAR.

Yes, my husband and I do not have individual shots, but it took all we had to get those three and the group photo done. 🙂 Plus, we are neither as cute or as good of actors as these kids are.

Let’s not forget our dear patient, the pumpkin.  How awesome of a job did the hubs do??? We even picked up some blue light sticks for the full effect. By the way, he also shot all of our photos and edited them in one day. Best, most talented husband ever!

HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!  Be safe, have lots of fun and eat tons of candy.

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Halloween: Joy and Disgust Costumes

And last but not least…Joy and Disgust! Things have been pretty busy this Halloween weekend, so I will leave you with these shots of our costumes and you can probably tell who I will be and who my hubby will be.

Photo Oct 05, 2 38 53 PM.jpg

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for following our Inside Out costume series!

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Halloween: Fear Costume

This is Fear! My other twin baby boy will be Fear. He is not really scared all of the time, but he does have a very sweet and sad worried face.

His beanie was a little more complicated as it had the standard rounded top, so I enlisted the help of my BFF and seamstress, Lauren. Fear has one curlycue hair on top of his head.  This super fat purple pipe cleaner did the trick. (I have never had to write out “curlycue” before and I am not even sure if that is how you spell it!  Someone please enlighten me.)Fear also wears a bow tie and like the tie from Anger, I simply folded, glued and folded until I got the right shape.A hounds tooth patterned vest completed the top, another Lauren addition. Since the fabric was not that stretchy, we overlapped the two sides of the vest and left it to glue shut at the last minute, giving my baby’s cute belly some room to grow and breathe. 🙂Paired with some slacks and Fear is ready to go! As you can probably deduce by now, my husband and I will be Joy and Disgust and I will be sharing those tomorrow!

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