Embroidered Easter Bunny Bags

We live in a fairly small home and I am always thinking about storage when I create, especially for the holidays. My four year old has an Easter basket big enough that she can sit in. With three kids now, that is not going to work! Instead, I found these adorable bunny ear bags, that can be flattened and folded. They just needed a bit of personalizing.ย I found gradient colored embroidery floss in pastels and decided to embroider names on the bags.

You will need:

  • Bunny Bags (I found mine from Amazon)
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Needle (or one big enough to thread however many strands you want to use)
  • Ink Pen
  • Ruler

Using a very thin gel ink pen, I wrote out their names in cursive. If you want to make sure you write in a straight line, use a ruler or the edge of a piece of paper to guide you. Because the bags were made of burlap, I wanted to make the stitch as thick as possible. I used the entire 6 strands and did an outline stitch.

After completing them, I still felt like they were missing something. Lately, I have been admiring all of the floral embroidery as well as all of the different stitches I have yet to learn. Flowers seemed like the perfect thing for an Easter bag without being overpowering.

Chase’s flower looks almost like a spider mum, with a yellow center. I used a satin stitch and french knots (one of my favorites!).

For Caden’s daisies I found a new stitch called a lazy daisy stitch. ๐Ÿ™‚

And for Ellie’s, I used the outline stitch, straight stitch and a couple of french knots for her tulip.

Here are the final products! I think my little bunnies will have a much easier time hunting for eggs and carrying these bags around. Happy Easter!


Guest Peacer, Linda got these bunny bags embroidered for her 9 grandkids! Aren’t they adorable?!

Bunny Bags







Halloween: Inside Out

The moment you have all been waiting for!ย  Our INSIDE OUT family!







We are always proud of our daughter but she really took the cake with this one.ย  She was set on making sure her body language spoke “Sadness.” From choosing Sadness as her costume to getting perfectly in character, this girl is a SUPERSTAR.

Yes, my husband and I do not have individual shots, but it took all we had to get those three and the group photo done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, we are neither as cute or as good of actors as these kids are.

Let’s not forget our dear patient, the pumpkin.ย  How awesome of a job did the hubs do??? We even picked up some blue light sticks for the full effect. By the way, he also shot all of our photos and edited them in one day. Best, most talented husband ever!

HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!ย  Be safe, have lots of fun and eat tons of candy.

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Halloween: Joy and Disgust Costumes

And last but not least…Joy and Disgust! Things have been pretty busy this Halloween weekend, so I will leave you with these shots of our costumes and you can probably tell who I will be and who my hubby will be.

Photo Oct 05, 2 38 53 PM.jpg

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for following our Inside Out costume series!

If you missed it, make sure to check out the Fear, Anger and Sadness costumes.

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Halloween: Fear Costume

This is Fear! My other twin baby boy will be Fear. He is not really scared all of the time, but he does have a very sweet and sad worried face.

His beanie was a little more complicated as it had the standard rounded top, so I enlisted the help of my BFF and seamstress, Lauren. Fear has one curlycue hair on top of his head.ย  This super fat purple pipe cleaner did the trick. (I have never had to write out “curlycue” before and I am not even sure if that is how you spell it!ย  Someone please enlighten me.)Fear also wears a bow tie and like the tie from Anger, I simply folded, glued and folded until I got the right shape.A hounds tooth patterned vest completed the top, another Lauren addition. Since the fabric was not that stretchy, we overlapped the two sides of the vest and left it to glue shut at the last minute, giving my baby’s cute belly some room to grow and breathe. ๐Ÿ™‚Paired with some slacks and Fear is ready to go! As you can probably deduce by now, my husband and I will be Joy and Disgust and I will be sharing those tomorrow!

If you missed it, make sure to check out the Anger and Sadness costumes!

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Halloween: Anger Costume

Next up is Anger! One of my twin boys will be Anger and he has the perfect mad face for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I didn’t want to use wigs on the babies, I decided to make them beanies instead. I have never made a beanie before but Anger has such a square face that a square beanie did not seem too complicated.ย  I used stretchy red fleece and also picked up some stiff felt for the flames that would be on top of his head.The hardest part was sewing the finished flames into the top of the beanie.ย  The material was very thick especially layered on top of each other.

In the movie, Anger’s outfit is pretty simple. White top, slacks and a red tie, he is all business. I found the perfect red pattern for an almost vintage feel for the tie. I’d like to say I had a method for constructing it, but I basically started with a piece of fabric and just glued, folded, glued, folded, glued, until I got the shape that I wanted.

To make it comfy, the tie was fabric glued onto a long sleeved white onesie.Baby khaki trousers completes the look.


Three more costumes to go. If you missed it, see the Sadness costume here!

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Halloween: Sadness Costume

If you haven’t guessed, our family costume this year is Inside Out. My daughter chose to be Sadness and the whole family jumped on board. Leave it to my daughter to pick the emotionally complex one and I was actually quite proud that she did!

Thankfully these costumes turned out to be quite simple. ย I found both the wig and the glasses from Amazon.

I knew that living in Southern California there was a good chance that it might be hot in Halloween. ย I asked my mom if she could crochet some wrist cuffs and just the neck part to give the allusion of a turtleneck sweater.ย 

I also found her blue top and pants from Amazon which is super helpful when I can’t always get out of the house.

Click HERE for the final reveal!



Halloween Treat Bags

My daughter and I worked on putting together treat bags for the trick-or-treaters. If you know me, then you know I love giving out goodie bags.ย  Here’s what’s inside this year.

I absolutely adore these drawstring bags from Oriental Trading.ย  Halloween for me is more cute than scary.ย  That probably says more about my life than I would care to admit. ๐Ÿ™‚


Also from Oriental Trading, I found Peanuts paper airplanes that come in a compact little package and are super easy to put together.ย  Even the big kids like paper airplanes, and by big I mean my adult male friends. (These were so popular, I think they sold out. I couldn’t find the link for this one but there are a lot more Halloween Peanuts items for sale!)


Instead of glow in the dark light sticks, I chose glow in the dark Halloween stickers.


And we didn’t forget the chocolate!ย  I know some people choose to do the opposite but we always pick the candy we like to eat since we know there will be leftovers.


If you love to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, you should try putting bags together.ย  The kids go bonkers over them and all it takes is a trip to the dollar store or even just putting your handful of candy in a goodie bag!



VDay Goodies

Here’s what is going in the VDay goodie bags this year! ย I prefer non-candy goodie options, especially to this preschool age group. ย Items are all from the dollar bin and put together with help from my almost 3 year old. ย She had a blast picking out what should goย in each bag.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetMini heart slinkies,ย erasers,ย and boxes of stickers!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!




ย IMG_7534Samantha is from England but has been in the U.S. for almost 8 years. She has been an amateur knitter most of her life after her grandmother taught her at an early age. She loves crafting but struggles to complete projects. She has recently started making what she calls โ€œcheat-quiltsโ€ โ€“ sewing quilts without using any correct technique. Samantha loves making gifts for friends kids and any time she completes a project she is very happy. She says that the best part about crafting is the relaxation it provides so she never takes any project too seriously.

I really love Christmas, and I especially enjoy Christmas crafting. Itโ€™s a habit that only really started a few years ago when I found some winter wonderland felt templates on the Martha Stewart website. I had just found out my best friend was pregnant with her first child and in a show of solidarity I decided to not drink alcohol for her entire pregnancy so I spent New Yearโ€™s Eve making lots of Christmas tree ornaments for the following year instead of partying.

I came up with the Christmas jumper idea because I had an old jumper that was really comfortable but had a hole in it, so instead of throwing it away, I decided to alter it. I first knitted Christmas trees. I opted for untraditional tree colors (blue and white) because I happened to have that wool lying around and also because I thought they would look icy and snowy.

To knit the trees I cast on a few stiches (4 for the big tree and 2 for the small) and knit for a few rows to form the tree trunk and then at the end of each row, cast on more stiches (10 for big and 7 for small), knit across and then began reducing the stiches at either end to create a triangle type shape for the branches. Once I got back to my original trunk stiches I would knit one row and then begin casting on again at each end,ย  doing less this time to create smaller branches as the tree got bigger. I sewed the trees onto the jumper covering the hole using a gold thread.

Once the trees were attached I used the gold thread again to sew on little tiny beads in a looping effect to create tinsel. This took a very long time and was a bit frustrating because not all the little beads had the same size center hole so my needle wouldnโ€™t always fit through. If I made another jumper I would sew the tinsel onto the trees before sewing the trees to the jumper because it made a big mess with the thread on the inside of the jumper โ€“ but itโ€™s ok, no one can see it.

ย The last detail was to sew on little charms which I found at Michaels. I used snowflake shapes, little gifts, stars for the top of the trees and I was most excited to find little multi-colored lights which I attached between the tinsel.

This was such a fun project that really didnโ€™t take very long and I was so pleased with the result. I was really proud of myself because I am a total amateur when it comes to crafting. The one little catch that I didnโ€™t think about when I was making it thoughโ€ฆ. I canโ€™t wash it. Febreze!!!