Baby Album(s) Prep

My c-section date is almost a week away.  In my time before the boys arrive, I have been trying to think of as many things that I can do now to make my life easier after the births.  It is so cliche but so true that it is just harder to do these things the more kids you have and now I have two more albums to make, not just one!  I had to come up with a plan now so that this process would not be so time consuming.

I picked up a couple 8.5″ x 11″ scrapbook albums in different colors.  I want the boys to be twins but to also have their own identities and so I decided against making each one the same.Photo May 17, 10 41 29 AM.jpgCoordinated sets of scrapbook paper and animal stickers set the theme and tone for each book.  One, jungle animals and the other, sea animals.Photo May 18, 8 53 08 AM.pngThese monthly stickers by Months In Motion came in the perfect palettes to match each album.  Not only can I use them for the boys’ monthly photos but they can go in their scrapbook after.Photo May 18, 8 52 38 AMI assembled each book, choosing which page in which order and including a monthly sticker every two pages.  This will give me a two page spread for each month of photos.Photo May 17, 10 48 50 AM.jpgWe have received so many adorable cards for the boys and I hate to have to throw them away. In the past, I have made milestone frames from them, but I also love to cut out the cute parts and include them as embellishments in the albums once the photos are in.Photo May 17, 10 50 10 AMI also picked up a pack of themed cards from Project Life and will use them for more embellishment and to write little notes about the boys throughout the books.Photo May 17, 10 51 24 AM.jpgOrganizing photos is always challenging.  As we take photos of the babies, I hope to create a folder either on my phone or computer of ones that would be good for the album and to have them printed on a regular basis.

I really think this prep work will allow me to enjoy the process and to not feel overwhelmed that I have two to make!  Having all the supplies I need, ready to go, will also motivate me to actually get it done.  Wish me luck!



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