Little Artist Gallery

It probably comes as no surprise that there is a little artist in our house. Creating since age 6 months means that we have curated about a year and half worth of abstract finger paintings, provocative marker drawings and captivating Crayola sketches.

littleartist1In the beginning, every piece was a stroke of genius (to us anyways) and the perfect expression of the inner workings of our toddler’s mind.  That did not last long.  As much as it would be wonderful to keep them all, most of them made it to the…(gasp!)…trash bin. I took the select few we had decided to save and taped them to my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom door.  They were artwork with meaningThey gave character and personality to the simple doors…but they also looked a mess!


At work, one day, I was admiring the drawings of my colleague’s kids that were hanging at her desk.  The pieces were in a kids art show and looked so polished mounted on a black sheet of paper. I knew that I wanted to recreate this at home.

littleartist2Coordinating colors and prints, I matched sheets of scrapbook paper to the art I wanted to mount.  The rectangular shapes gave the doors order and the bright colored paper highlighted each individual piece.

With very little time and on a budget, my daughter’s doors were transformed from merely a collection of refrigerator drawings to a Little Artist Gallery!



2 thoughts on “Little Artist Gallery

  1. How absolutely fabulous. I never though I would have an art gallery in my house. (Certainly since I have no artistic ability what so ever). I can’t wait

  2. Your writing is so personal it makes the projects all the more special. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

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