Boxly_TeamKid life doesn’t get much better than playing with an empty cardboard box.  That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to Alicia, Carolyn and Sasha, Product Design Engineers at Stanford University.  Their unique creation, Boxly, touches on all the things a parent could want in a toy: simplistic in form but imaginative and creative in value, environmentally friendly, easy to store, and no batteries required. 


Our idea for Boxly started with the frustration that so many of the latest toys come with a set of instructions or one “right way to play,” limiting creativity and innovation. As Product Design Engineers, the three of us are always using our hands to build, explore, and problem solve. We believe these are critical skills to develop from an early age. For kids, however, this creative exploration can be scary and unfamiliar — unless it’s in the form of a fort.


But forts take up all the furniture, consume the entire living room, and stay up for weeks.


We loved the idea of being able to use what kids can find around the house and we began to notice tons of cardboard boxes. So we took this fun and familiar object and created Boxly, a 100% recyclable fort building kit.


It lets kids define their own creative space by giving them the confidence — and the cardboard — necessary to build big. It has the familiarity of a cardboard box without constraining shape or size.


And, the connectors can be used with any standard one-ply cardboard, providing even more opportunities for creativity.

ConnectorWe have intentionally avoided instructions and sample structures because we want kids to take ownership over their play. Kids can use their own cardboard and art supplies to build something they have complete creative control over — and Boxly helps them get started.

With only 16 days left on Kickstarter, they need your help to make Boxly a reality! I can’t wait to see what our daughter can create, and let’s be honest, my husband and I can’t wait to play either.  I hope you will consider supporting Boxly and even better, getting a set of your own!

Find out more about Boxly, and follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter.



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