Halloween: Superhero Costumes


It’s a family of SUPERS! Having kids has turned Halloween from one of my least favorite holidays to one of my favorites. Now that my daughter is 4, she is able to tell me exactly who she wants to be and I love the challenge of making the costume.  This year she wanted to be a Superhero Princess and it could not be more perfect for her or her brothers as they each have their own sets of superpowers.

Using felt, glitter canvas, gold foil iron-on, metallic duct tape, and sparkly ribbon, I was able to make all of the pieces of their costume. Their arm and leg cuffs and belt are removable using velcro strips. The boys solid onesies are from Primary and I was able to find the capes and masks from Amazon.  All of which I embellished using a little hot glue and my Cricut machine.

My husband and I came up with their own logos and symbols to match their superhero names: Super Princess Ellie, Thundercloud Chasey and Lightning Cades!

Thundercloud Chasey

Powers: Strength, Sneakiness
Description: Chase the “Thundercloud” sneaks up on bad guys with his stealth moves and surprisingly loud screams. He gets his strength from his “thunder” thighs.

Lightning Cades

Powers: Speed, Throwing
Description: Lightning Cades outruns all of his enemies and never stays in one place. He throws everything he can get his hands on and never misses his target.

Super Princess Ellie

Powers: Kindness, Wit, Laughter
Description: Ellie isn’t your average superhero or princess. She defeats enemies with her mind and epic dance-offs.

Let me tell you, I had high hopes for a professional photo shoot in front of a green screen and everything and then the flu hit our household and mommy’s superpowers were almost depleted. That’s the thing though about a family of SUPERS, I was able to pull powers from each of these little heroes and my number one hero, my husband, to power through and get these finished just in time for Halloween. Whew!

Happy Halloween!




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