Small World Inspired Christmas Garland

One of my favorite Disneyland rides during the holidays is “It’s a Small World.” I love, love, love all of the white sparkly decor and especially the huge white garland that is on almost everything inside the ride! The best part about the garland is the plastic, translucent, iridescent balls on the lights.

I have been wanting to recreate these for years but it was difficult finding iridescent, clear ornament balls that were made of plastic and not glass until I ran into them at Joann’s this season! I think I did a pretty good job…the left is on the actual ride and the right is my version!

To give your garland a little something extra this season, all you need are some white sparkly garland, colorful lights, and plastic, iridescent ornament balls.

To prep the balls, remove the aluminum caps and metal pins.

Slide the pin around the light wires and behind the light you want the ball to go around.

While putting the light in the ball, insert the metal pin as well and push together.

The wire should hold the ball in place, with the light in the center!

Look at how magical they are! I love the way the iridescent ball reflects all of the the different colors of lights. They definitely give me Small World vibes and now I want to make all of our holiday decor in these colors!

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