Mini Bouquets

I don’t know what it is but I love mini bouquets! They are such a sweet, little sentiment to give someone and are perfect for those “just because” occasions. If you hate the clear plastic wrapping as much as I do, here is a super easy way to dress up your mini bouquet.Grab a sheet of your favorite printed scrapbook paper. Glitter and double-sided paper would be super fun too! (Have you heard about my scrapbook paper addiction???) Turn it over and fold up one corner.Place your bouquet on top and start to wrap the sides around the bouquet.Once you fold over the last side, fasten with a piece of clear tape or even a pretty printed label or sticker. You could even wrap a ribbon around it if you wanted to get extra fancy.That’s it! Really! Pretty market flowers that no longer look like they were from the market.


2 thoughts on “Mini Bouquets

  1. They are beautiful! I love fresh cut flowers! Plus, I love the little bouquets. I recently visited a new friend, and she gifted me a bouquet of zinnias and mints. It was in bloom for a full week after our meeting and it gave off such a lovely smell. One day when my garden is big, I would like to try to make mini bouquets of roses and mint for dinner guest! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration! Have a lovely day!

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