Pegasus Bow & Clip Holder

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I don’t know about your house but at our house, we are not truly ready for preschool until we have a “pretty thing” for our hair. This adds another 5-10 minutes to the already long get ready routine so I was motivated to help the situation. Disney’s Hercules is up on the favorite movie list and Baby Pegasus is so cute. As you can tell from the Moana Necklace a few posts back, I love making things with my daughter’s favorite characters.

You will need:

If you decide to try a character, find an image of them online. I discovered this Steve Thompson illustration while I was searching for Pegasus images. He is a Disney illustrator and designer and I love his take on the characters. After printing and cutting your character out, trace them on what you decide will be their base color. You can then cut individual pieces of the character apart to use as guides for other colors of felt.

TIP: Try to keep it simple and only plan to cut out the larger color block portions.  For smaller things, like the eyes and mouth, I would suggest embroidering.

Glue all of your pieces onto your base and you will start to see your character take shape! Decide what details you would like to add and embroider those on. I used the outline stitch with only one (black) or two (other colors) pieces of thread.

TIP: Use tacky glue instead of hot glue for those really small pieces.  You don’t want to burn those fingers.

Once you decide which setting your character should be in, use the stiff felt for that base. I wanted Pegasus to be on a cloud under a rainbow, of course!To make the rainbow, I was not sure how big it would end up being so I started with the inside and worked my way out with rainbow sequins and clear seed beads.  I also added some clear, iridescent sequins to the outline of the cloud.Turn your character around and hang your ribbons from the bottom with a little bit of glue. Make a loop for hanging and glue onto the top. Cut out another piece of felt to cover the entire back portion and glue on.Done! This is definitely more intricate but as long as you have some stiff felt, ribbons and glue, you can make the same thing in whatever shape or style you wish.  Cut out a pink heart, add a loop and some ribbons on bottom and you’re done!  Get those pre-cut felt shapes and designs and glue those on, add a loop and some ribbon and you’re done!This can be a great gift and a way to keep all of the bows and clips in one place with something cute to hang up on the wall or towel rack.  Now they are all out in front of her.  Hopefully we have cut the “pretty thing” searching down a couple minutes. Lol!

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