Felt Christmas Tree Garland

Last year, I felt like our Christmas tree was missing something. It was filled with lights and ornaments but still did not feel full. It needed a garland and instead of making the tradition paper chains, I decided to make one out of felt so that we could reuse it year after year.

I cut colorful 1 inch by 6 inch strips…

 and glued the ends together with hot glue in rainbow order.

I made three separate strands so that it would be easier to work around the tree. (Actually I only string it 3/4 around the front. Shhh!) Between holidays, I use an embroidery hoop to store it and keep it from getting tangled.

Now, our tree now feels complete!

Our tree in 2014.
Our tree in 2017.



8 thoughts on “Felt Christmas Tree Garland

  1. Your tree is beautiful, Mel. I’d expect nothing less. Okay, here’s a question: I feel like whenever I make anything out of felt, I spend a FORTUNE. Any tips for buying it on the cheap (or cheaper, at least)?

    1. Really? Honestly, I do not buy the wool felt. I only buy the sheets that are about 50 cents a piece for my home decor items. For the Baymax costume, I did use wool felt for the red portions but that was it. Everything I make takes very little felt, so maybe that is why I don’t feel the $$$ effects.

      1. That’s been my problem I think. At Michael’s, etc all they ever seem to have is the wool felt so I usually suck it up and buy it. I’ll start buying the sheets online.

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    I’m starting to get in the Christmas spirit, and this piece from my friend Mel over at A Peace of Creativity sure helps. Check out her post about making beautiful and easy garland for your tree. Fun for the kiddos too!

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