GUEST PEACE: A Young In Love Bridal Shower

Group ShotKim, Chelsea, Amy, and Tracey are proud to highlight a bridal shower they threw for their very good friend, Megan. They all met in elementary school playing basketball and have remained close friends since then. Megan and her mother are very gifted and creative when it comes to DIY projects. The mother-of the-bride was hand-making most of the wedding flowers, decorations, etc. and because of this, they wanted to put the same DIY love into her bridal shower.

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TIP: Oil based paint pens are brighter and last longer. The water base paint pens are more likely to smear easier and are not as bright.

This piece was simple and cheap. The chalkboard sign was from Michael’s craft store with a simple tissue pompom for an accent. We spent countless hours on Pinterest grabbing ideas and finding inspiration for our signs and decorations. Amy was the creative genius behind all the custom made signs.

TIP: Oil based paint pens are brighter and last longer. The water base paint pens are more likely to smear easier and are not as bright.

Photo Aug 14, 4 02 03 PMWe basically bought out every single Michael’s within the Los Angeles area. Scouring the shelves for decorations, materials, chalkboards, and frames; anything that went with our rustic theme. We came across these letters and waited until they were on sale, then grabbed them up for only $2.50 each!

TIP: Gather as many coupons for Michael’s as you can and keep up-to-date with all the weekly sales.

Photo Aug 14, 4 19 51 PMLooking for a keepsake to give the bride-to-be after her celebration and wanting it to reflect who she is, we decided to do a twist on the traditional guest book. We came up with the idea of having a “guest ball” for all the girls to sign for our baller bride.

Photo Aug 14, 4 35 20 PMMegan is the Martha Stewart of desserts and bakes the most amazing cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breads; basically anything even considered a dessert. We wanted to do right by her and make the dessert table one of the highlights of the shower. Megan loves cookies and cream, so Chelsea made amazing bite size Oreo cheesecakes and the flower girl had about 10 of them within just a few minutes. There was also Devil’s Food Cake in a shot glass, strawberry jell-o with a pretzel crust and whipped cream filling, and delicious Bavarian Pear Tarts. We included jars filled with Megan’s favorite candies – Twix, Starburst Jellybeans, and Now & Laters and ordered mini mint ganache cupcakes from Lady Di’s Cookies and Sweets.

Photo Aug 14, 4 33 30 PMThe favors were candied apples also ordered from Lady Di’s. The mother-of-the-bride chose the White Chocolate Cheesecake apple and the Grandma’s Apple Pie apple. Tracey wanted to make the favors a little more personal by adding special gift tags to each one. These were made by first printing out the note on card stock, and then using a gift tag hole puncher to cut each one out.

Photo Aug 14, 3 49 08 PMOutside, multi-size tissue pompoms were arranged for a chandelier affect hanging from the center of the canopy. Amy made about twenty pompoms in total, which were mainly used for the faux chandelier and disbursed in various locations around the shower. The instructions for constructing the pompoms were found on our go-to site, Pinterest.

TIP: For larger pompoms – use more sheets of tissue paper for a fuller affect. For smaller pompoms, use less sheets to ease the construction of fluffing out the paper.

Photo Aug 14, 4 13 36 PM

Wanting to continue with our rustic theme, we chose to use mason jars for the drink ware. We tied small name tags around each jar and made it extra special by handwriting each guests’ name on a tag.

Photo Aug 14, 4 39 24 PM
Another highlight was the sangria bar! Who doesn’t love a refreshing sangria with a variety of freshly cut fruits on a hot summer afternoon? We used crates to elevate the jars and house the drink ware. We were fortunate enough that Chelsea had two original vintage 7-up crates, which made an amazing addition to our sangria bar. We made sure to also provide a non-alcoholic option of Megan’s favorite drink, the Shirley Temple. The sign for the sangria bar may look professional, but it is another custom-made sign made with love by Amy.

Photo Aug 14, 4 02 02 PMAs friends, we all have different skill sets and interests, which allowed us to collaborate cooperatively to create this awesome soiree. We had such a great time planning, creating, and celebrating and honoring the bride-to-be. We hope to spark an idea and inspire you with these insights and tidbits to Megan’s special day.

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Photo Aug 14, 4 22 24 PMMessage from the Bride:

I had the best bridesmaids ever who made it such a special day. I loved the homemade, artsy touches that they filled the day with. One of the best parts of the shower was eating all the yummy food and desserts. They also added fun personalized games about myself and my husband-to-be. I absolutely loved all the DIY decorations and was touched how everything was customized just for me. The day was filled with so much love and laughter thanks to my awesome bridesmaids.


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