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I have always wanted to make one of those super full and bubbly balloon arches and the Balloons & Bubbly Sprinkle was the perfect opportunity to try it. Did you know that you can actually purchase balloon decorative strip just for making balloon arches?  I decided to save the $7 and work with my good ol’ butcher’s twine instead.

You will need:

If you have ever tried blowing up a water balloon, it is nearly impossible! I suggest the party balloon pump for the smaller balloons.  It will save your cheeks! After blowing up the white balloons, tie them to the string anywhere from 3-5 inches apart. It really depends on how full you want your garland to be.

After all of your “base color” balloons are tied on, in my case clear, attach it to the wall in the shape you want it. It will be easier to place the other colors and sizes in the exact places you want them. My balloon garland was used to accent this foil “love” balloon.Roll a piece of clear tape and stick it to the side of the other balloons.  Find the spot you want it to go and stick it to one of the base colored balloons. Some may need more than one piece of rolled tape just to make sure it stays in place.

Continue on with all of your different colors and sizes!

Your wall is ready and just waiting for photos to be taken. Here is the guest of honor and her family of 3 soon to be 4!

Did you see the Champagne Glass Charms for the Balloons & Bubbly Sprinkle? See the rest of the party HERE!

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