World Oral Health Day DIY Banner

It is World Oral Health Day! My mom has worked for the same dentist for 44 years. Needless to say, oral health care was very important in our household. I wanted to make something special for Dr. T’s office as he has known me since before I was born and has taken such good care of not only my teeth but our entire family’s teeth. My mom and I designed this banner to hang in the waiting room and I am going to show you how you can make this DIY banner with customizable bunting shapes without the use of a cutting machine!

See how you can contribute to a really great cause, Cheerful Heart Mission and my tutorial for your own DIY banner on the Cardstock Warehouse Blog!

A Metallic Garden Bridal Shower

My sister Sara is getting married! The bridal shower kicked off all of the wedding festivities so Emily, our youngest sister, and I wanted to make sure we set the tone right. Not gonna lie, the tone was really hard for me to get a handle on as I kept wavering between a lot of different themes and looks to the shower. Emily set us on the right track when she sent me a color palette that she thought really resembled Sara’s tastes. From there, I was able to base almost every decor decision on that color palette.

TIP: When planning an event’s decor, find one or two inspiration pieces (a color palette, a swatch of fabric, a paper print, a piece of home decor, a bouquet of flowers, etc.) that will be your guide. Measure each decor decision on those inspiration pieces and you will have a cohesive look to your party!

I love decorating my front door for events. For one, it let’s your guests know they have the right house and I think it just adds to the party atmosphere.  Sara’s taste is a sort of classy, minimalist with just a touch of pop whether that be metallic or floral or color. She loves clean lines and simple design and I tried to tailor the look of that in her invites.

The entry way is always a fun place for me to decorate. Emily inspired my cherry blossom banner and doily cut-outs in her suggestion to use circles in the decor. And we found this AMAZING letter board on sale the day before the shower.

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The favors were handmade, scented gem soaps, made by Ems! (Tutorial here) Each color was a different scent, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender!

As with any design aspect of our party, the favor packaging was very important. We needed the outside to match the amazing soap inside. I was introduced to Cream City Ribbon and the beautiful ribbons they make. They were the perfect addition to the favors as Sara has a deep love and appreciation of artisanal work and these are made on machines from the 1920’s!  See more here!

The only instruction Sara told me and Ems was “No cheesy games!” LOL! Is there anyone out there that actually likes those cheesy shower games??? If so, I have not met them yet. Sara and Cole love to eat and cook and as Cole is vegetarian, they could always use more options of meals they can enjoy together as a couple. Recipe cards were sent out in the mail with the invite and we asked that they write down their fav dish (veg appreciated) and bring it to the shower. Our other activities included a date night idea jar and the ring game! Aren’t those rings adorable? They are erasers believe it or not! You can find them here.

All of these floral handkerchiefs belonged to our grandmother who passed recently and it was a nice way of having a part of her there.

My favorite party drinkware are the glasses from the dollar store! The best part is that they are all plastic. The little “love” swizzle sticks completed the picture.

In typical brunch fashion, there were a lot of cute, little bites to eat: mini pancakes, egg souffle, cut fruit and mini yogurt parfaits… with the centerpiece being my paper leaf and metallic octagon chandelier. Tutorial here!

Our local Spudnuts donut shop not only has the best tasting donuts but they do custom decorations! They were able to swash these with light strokes of metallic edible paint for me and they could not have been more perfect. Especially with their glitter gem toppers.

Have I told you guys how much I love my Cricut? I mean, look what it does for me! If you have the vision, it can make it!

Custom cut doilies, leaves and metallic octogans hung from the patio lights and decorated the tables.

TIP: Use your Cricut “weeds” or the cut-out parts you are not going to use, as confetti!

Last, but not least, there is a wall in my dining room that I always like to use as a photo wall. See my other photo backdrop here.

TIP: A photo wall not only adds more decor to the event but is a great reminder to take photos!

I covered the painting that was already hanging there in craft paper and Emily found the most perfect colored streamers (teal, peach and grey) and hung them as a backdrop.

Happy to say, that despite the 100 degree weather, the event was a complete success just based on seeing our sister’s face and hearing her reaction when she walked in the door and I hoped she felt very loved! Stay tuned for the next event, the Palm Springs trip!




A Balloons & Bubbly Sprinkle

On my husband’s side, between him and his two sisters, there have been 6 grandkids born in 4 years! With the next making her grand appearance this summer, we wanted to celebrate my sister in law and our new niece with a little sprinkle and the theme was Balloons & Bubbly! Two things that are very hard not to love and to decorate for. Needless to say, I was excited to help plan it and my inspiration: rose gold, blush and champagne. The drink and the color!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

In the entryway, I borrowed a gorgeous gold sequined table cloth from a dear friend to cover the console table. (Remember A Rustic, Glam Wedding?) Yes, it was gorgeous! It was the perfect place for the favors: bottles of rose champagne and rose gold goodie bags with personalized handwritten tags.

Going with the theme, goodies for the guest included everything that “pops”: bubbly, bubblegum, blow pops and popcorn!

A big thing right now is metallic cutlery and I was able to find these rose gold plastic forks, just perfect to eat the mini blush cupcakes with pearl sprinkles.

I used white melting chocolates to lighten up the pink ones to a very light blush color as well and decorated them with pearl white and gold sprinkles.

Using chiffon and tulle fabric strips, I strung them across the fireplace for a whimsical and feminine tassel garland.  TIP: To give your fabric garland a more modern feel, try to keep each strip a uniform length and thickness. Also cut away any loose strings or frayed edges.

For parties and events, I love creating my own floral arrangements.  I picked up a bunch of blush and light green roses and a bouquet of mixed white and green flowers.  I always have a bunch of different shaped vases in the house and even use my tealight holders for the cutest mini arrangements.

Can you believe these champagne glasses are from the dollar store??? Since the party was on the smaller side (about 12 people), I wanted to personalize the glasses and decided to make custom initial charms.  See the tutorial here!

Hanging over the dining room table, were diamond honeycomb decorations that I added rose, blush and champagne colored ribbon to. TIP: If you purchase decorations, try to find ones in basic solid colors or shapes that can be reused at other events.  Small elements like ribbons can personalize it to the event’s theme.

To go with the bubbly theme, I used lots of clear balloons. I strung some and put them over the sliding doors and windows and also made a balloon wall where guests could take pictures. See how I made it here!

Since it was a “sprinkle” we wanted most of the time for my sister in law to visit with her close friends and family.  We did include a small activity where guests could write endearing and funny messages on diapers for those rough midnight changings.

Honestly, I never really understood the concept of the “sprinkle” as I always thought that having another shower, which is basically what a sprinkle is, was a faux pas.  But now, having had 3 kids, I really think it is not a shower but more of a last hurrah before the baby comes.  A reason to throw a party and celebrate with all of the people closest to you before you become twice (or more!) as busy as you were before!






A “Press Here” Birthday Party


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

Our little girl turned four.  One of my very first posts was her Totoro party when she turned 2 and then her Lava party last year. I love her what interests her and she always makes it fun for me to work on a party theme. Her favorite book is “Press Here” by Hervé Tullet.  It is such a simple yet really clever book and perfect for her fourth birthday.

Our home has huge windows throughout. We made each set of windows a page of dots from the book using tissue paper and a circle cutter to make the dots.img_4739img_4732img_4723I love the look and idea of the paper straw, but I don’t like using them as a straw.  Strange, I know, but I hate the feeling of the paper getting soft in the drink. I found a great tutorial from Oleander + Palm on straw bunting. Super easy and I love the minimalist look!img_473320170319-ellie4thparty-002My greatest discovery this time around: CREPE PAPER garland! I might never make another tissue paper garland again! Tutorial here!img_4729img_4750Love love love helium balloons, but they can be expensive if renting a tank and a bit of a pain if your order and have to pick up the day of the party. ***TIP*** Order them for the day before with hi-float and they will last 3-4 days if not longer! Also, if you feel the space is a bit cluttered already for balloons, try putting them in the corners of the room. (A tip from the hubs, believe it or not!)img_4751Great discovery #2! PUNCH BALL BALLOONS! Most, if not all of my party decor was from the dollar store including these punch ball balloons. Blow them up and hang them from the ceiling! Since they are shaped a bit differently from regular balloons, you can even hang streamers or ribbon from the bottoms as well!img_4744img_4737img_4752The highlight of the party was definitely the cakes. I am not an experienced baker, but Once Upon A Pedestal made this polka dot cake extremely manageable with a cake pop maker, food coloring and boxed cake mix!img_4753My sister made this four-tiered adorable chocolate mini cake just for Ellie, complete with her own banner and homemade white chocolate nonpareils.img_4731Since we decided to have a small party this year, I knew there would not be many kids her age present as Ellie is the oldest cousin.  I wanted something fun and interactive for her, so we made these “Press Here” inspired cards for her to play.img_4527Our whole family was great sports in each picking out a card and wearing it so Ellie could go up to them and play her game. (Left says “Smell this dot.” Right says “Poke Me!”.)img_4754

I think Ellie had the best time. I know we did.  I can’t wait to see what she is interested in next year!