Agate Coasters

At Christmas I wanted to give my work team something fun and useful with a little dash of glamour.  The school colors where we work are purple and gold and I remembered that awesome little tub of hypnotizing gold paint Desiree from Heirloom Paper introduced me to.  I also remembered the beautiful agate coasters she had at her home during her crafting night and how she painted them with the awesome gold paint.

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I found these purple agate coasters and they came four to a set which was perfect for our four member team.

Using a thin paintbrush, I painted just the edges of the agate coaster to give them each a little pop.  The best thing about this paint is how much of a shine it gives you and how close to metal it actually looks. To increase the shine factor, you can even add a coat of clear gloss.

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The set came with four little, self adhesive, plastic bumpers to put on each coaster.

Adding the gold paint really upped the “fancy” factor on these.  Thank you Desiree for inspiring this project!

GUEST PEACE: Fabric Leaf Coasters

246676_4716433631114_1290277048_nJulie a fifty-something, married, full-time working mom of recent college grad Eric and college junior Ali.  After two years, she is starting to discover some good things about the life of an empty nester:  expanding from focus on the kids and career to her place in a larger world, with time to appreciate both natural and designed beauty.  So she crafts and bakes now whenever the inspiration strikes…. why not?

I needed coasters for our high rise condo and have always liked fabric coasters.  I searched online but couldn’t find fabric coasters that I really liked, so thought I’d try making some myself.  I wanted to add an organic touch to our contemporary decor, so I chose to make coasters that mimic various leaves:  maple, palm, gingko, etc.

1.  Sketched a few different leaf shapes onto felt and cut them out.

2.  Cut out a matching shape in a complementary felt color.
3. Embroidered the “veins” on the outward side of each felt leaf.  I used both metallic and matte embroidery flosses.4. Hand stitched the two sides together (right sides out) and embellished with a crystal droplet bead for a little bling.
I love how they turned out!  You can use different leaves or colors for different seasons.  Or different holiday themes:  Hearts, flowers, snowflakes, etc.  Maybe even initials or words.  They cost pennies to make and they’re both decorative and functional!