Marbled Clay Craft Night

My first craft night, so generously hosted by Guest Peacer and invitation extraordinaire, Desiree from Heirloom Paper Co!

On the agenda: marble clay dishes and pendants from A Beautiful Mess. (For complete instructions see here and here.) On the menu: Blackberry Jam Fizzies, which were quite good.  I have never had a drink with jam in it before and it is the perfect amount of sweet.

For the dish, I picked turquoise, whites and just a hint of gold, black and light blue molding clay. Twist, loop and then twist again, over and over until the grain is the thickness you are looking for.

Roll into a ball, roll flat and cut out to the size dish you want.

Mold into the bottom of a dish and bake!

To make the pendants we simply cut out the shape we wanted from the rolled clay and baked with the dishes.

My favorite part was the discovery of this addictive gold paint. I used it to paint the edge and pump up the gold clay swirled in the dish.

Gold jewelry bails were glued to the pendant and then strung on a chain.

It was so much fun to see how everyone’s dish came out as they were all so different. I loved how the hot pink in my BFF’s dish pops and the black and white pendants looked like real stone.

I had a really good time crafting with one of my BFFs and meeting other talented ladies who love to craft as well.  Thank you so much for inviting me Desiree!





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