Cars 3 Birthday Party

FIVE. What a fun age to have a birthday party! This party was filled with a lot of firsts. First time having it at somewhere other than our home (a gymnastics center!), first time inviting school friends, and the first time where the kids almost outnumbered the adults.

Ellie chose Cars 3 for her theme. I hope our kids want Disney/Pixar parties every year because this was such a fun one to put together. Being outside of the home, the decor was very minimal but that let me really focus on the few things that I wanted to do!

In the goodie bags, I made mini notebooks with some cardstock and printer paper. To bind it, I put a couple staples in the spine. I also made magnetic Piston Cup bookmarks using a tutorial by Erica, Lead Designer at Cardstock Warehouse. You can see how here!

Of course, I had to do cupcake toppers.

Cars design courtesy of ClipArtSuperStore.

This mirrored cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse was perfect for headlights and the metal hood emblem.

It has become a tradition now for my sister, Sara to make Ellie her own personal cake for her parties.

Check out this inside!!! When you cut into it, it just smells of strawberry and chocolate. SO good.

I think it is safe to say that my husband and I have happy and full hearts after this weekend. Seeing our girl have so much fun with her family and her friends was the best thing ever.

Photo by Fishman Creative

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