A Peace of Creativity teamed up with Sara’s Bud Shop for a craft night full of making beautiful felt flowers!

The room was filled with inspirational photos, real flowers, and wool blend felt and poms in gorgeous colors from Benzie Design.

Each seat was set with a floral place card made with Cardstock Warehouse paper, a gold metal macrame ring to make a wreath, a glue gun mat, a goodie bag and their personal felt colors.

I had to include this lemon tart because my best friend made it but mostly because it’s beautiful!

And now for the best part!

These ladies were felt flower rock stars. Sara gave them the basics of flower construction along with some tips and tricks and they took it and ran with it, making each flower and each wreath their own. Some invented their own petal and leaf shapes and one even added an adorable little bee. See if you can find it in the photos above!

I know I say it every time but I always end these nights feeling so impressed and fulfilled. I love that everyone had fun and that they are taking something beautiful home that makes them proud to say, I made that!

Huge thanks to Sara from Sara’s Bud Shop for building out the tutorial, giving one on one instruction and making everyone feel comfortable and confident in their abilities!




  1. So pretty! Of course I love the teal and hot pink flowers (my default color palette), but I was surprised that my favorite ones were the dark blue and orange poppy flowers. Nice job to all!

  2. Your expertise continues to delight and engage those of us fortunate enough to benefit from you knowledge and your passion.

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