Guest Peace: Doodles to Letters

profile-imageCurrently working as a graphic designer, Lisa resides in Los Angeles with her two cats. (They are jerks.) She is an avid tea drinker who often laments about the lack of good tea shops nearby and also the lack of puppies in her life.  She dreams of “making it” as a lettering artist, who also runs an alpaca and goat farm.

I’ve actually only been doing lettering “officially” for about two months now. I can’t really pinpoint what got me interested but I’ve always been a doodler.  I look back on meetings notes, and inevitably there are doodles in the margins, between paragraphs and in corners.  I’ve been really fortunate that a lot of my friends have been really encouraging and supportive.  I was dragging my feet about posting my work, before a friend pretty much gave me a deadline and forced me to do it.

img_1_LisaIsTheLaI have a list of words, quotes and ideas, but a lot of my pieces start on whatever catches my fancy.  I tend to sketch really rough and loose thumbnails. I have also developed the habit of keeping sketchbooks everywhere, so I’m always ready to jot down an idea.  I honestly keep a sketchbook by my bed, just in case!

img_3_LisaIsTheLaOnce the sketches are getting to a place I like, I rework them on regular printer paper.  Nothing really fancy.  This can go from one round to six rounds of just refining the artwork. When it’s at a place I am okay with, I ink the art, and scan them in. With a little Photoshop and Illustrator magic, I add texture and clean up little mistakes.

img_2_LisaIsTheLaI’m not sure where this will take me. I’m still trying to find my style, and it can definitely get frustrating, but despite this frustration, I find a lot of joy from the work.  I have so many ideas and mediums I want to try out, like chalkboard lettering, sign painting, quilling and embroidery.  It just really gets me jazzed up that there are so many avenues that lettering can go and I want to explore all of them.

Make sure to check out Lisa’s website and follow her on Instagram to see more work and keep up with all of her lettering adventures!



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