Toddler Table

This project was inspired by Laura who remodeled her own little Ikea LATT table. Thank you for the idea Laura!

My nephew celebrated his first birthday in September and for Christmas/Hannukah, my husband and I thought it would be the perfect time to get him his own little table.  We wanted to customize it to match the furniture in their home, so my hubby tried staining for the first time.

It was helpful that the table comes unassembled as we were able to lie them out all outside.  The smell of the stain was pretty strong.  Being novices, my dad suggested we use a rag rather than a brush.  We also learned that it is better to take long sweeping strokes rather than short ones.

img_7957While my husband tackled the staining, I worked on the seat cushions inside.

Using foam about 3/4 inch thick, I cut a square to fit the inner portion of the seat that comes with the chairs.  You want to make sure to leave those flaps on the sides of the seat uncovered so that they can slide into the assembled seat when building the chair. I cut the fabric with enough room on each end in order to fold them over to the back.
After folding the fabric over, I used a staple gun to affix it to the back and cut the excess fabric.

After assembling the chair, I was able to slide in the cushion to see the finished product!
It was great to give it to him.  We could tell he loved it and hopefully it doesn’t give his parents too much of a heart attack when he tries to stand on it! 🙂




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