A “Press Here” Birthday Party

Our little girl turned four.  One of my very first posts was her Totoro party when she turned 2 and then her Lava party last year. I love her what interests her and she always makes it fun for me to work on a party theme. Her favorite book is “Press Here” by Hervé Tullet.  It is such a simple yet really clever book and perfect for her fourth birthday.

Our home has huge windows throughout. We made each set of windows a page of dots from the book using tissue paper and a circle cutter to make the dots.img_4739img_4732img_4723I love the look and idea of the paper straw, but I don’t like using them as a straw.  Strange, I know, but I hate the feeling of the paper getting soft in the drink. I found a great tutorial from Oleander + Palm on straw bunting. Super easy and I love the minimalist look!img_473320170319-ellie4thparty-002My greatest discovery this time around: CREPE PAPER garland! I might never make another tissue paper garland again! Tutorial to come…img_4729img_4750Love love love helium balloons, but they can be expensive if renting a tank and a bit of a pain if your order and have to pick up the day of the party. ***TIP*** Order them for the day before with hi-float and they will last 3-4 days if not longer! Also, if you feel the space is a bit cluttered already for balloons, try putting them in the corners of the room. (A tip from the hubs, believe it or not!)img_4751Great discovery #2! PUNCH BALL BALLOONS! Most, if not all of my party decor was from the dollar store including these punch ball balloons. Blow them up and hang them from the ceiling! Since they are shaped a bit differently from regular balloons, you can even hang streamers or ribbon from the bottoms as well!img_4744img_4737img_4752The highlight of the party was definitely the cakes. I am not an experienced baker, but Once Upon A Pedestal made this polka dot cake extremely manageable with a cake pop pan, food coloring and boxed cake mix!img_4753My sister made this four-tiered adorable chocolate mini cake just for Ellie, complete with her own banner and homemade white chocolate nonpareils.img_4731Since we decided to have a small party this year, I knew there would not be many kids her age present as Ellie is the oldest cousin.  I wanted something fun and interactive for her, so we made these “Press Here” inspired cards for her to play.img_4527Our whole family was great sports in each picking out a card and wearing it so Ellie could go up to them and play her game. (Left says “Smell this dot.” Right says “Poke Me!”.)img_4754

I think Ellie had the best time. I know we did.  I can’t wait to see what she is interested in next year!


Twin Baby Room

The twins are 8 months already (!?!) and I have been meaning to share the nursery. (Can you even call it that anymore?)

img_0673It was very hard to come up with a theme for the room.  I knew the color palette I was looking for (orange, lime green, blues, grey).  The question was how to make this room their own while still reusing a lot of my daughter’s baby things and for us, the answer was in the artwork.

Our cousin, Laura from The Corner of Knit and Tea, is a superstar knitter (you may remember her from her Guest Peace!) and crafted these adorable bunnies.  I love how they are similar but different, plus they make great companions for the boys’ monthly photos.


This gorgeous piece is from my sister, Sara. She painted two canvases that fit together as one but also relate to the La Luna painting she made my daughter.


Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur happens to be one of my daughter’s favs.  I love Disney fan art and seeing someone else’s interpretation of the characters. I fell in love with the colors and illustrations in these pieces by Joey Chou.



Another dreamy rendition is this one by Hayley Brynn.  I just happened to stumble across her work on Etsy and I am so glad I did! I love the companionship of Arlo and Spot and how they are so different yet such good friends, perfect for my boys.


This work is from a good friend, Gail from Nightengail Art (Yes! Another Guest Peacer!)  Made for my daughter before she was born almost four years ago, we couldn’t move it as it looks too perfect here.


And the best drawing of all was made by my daughter in anticipation of her two brothers’ arrival.


The main thing I try to keep in mind while designing the nursery is to make it a space that has room to grow and I can picture the boys in here for a very long time.



Halloween: Inside Out

The moment you have all been waiting for!  Our INSIDE OUT family!







We are always proud of our daughter but she really took the cake with this one.  She was set on making sure her body language spoke “Sadness.” From choosing Sadness as her costume to getting perfectly in character, this girl is a SUPERSTAR.

Yes, my husband and I do not have individual shots, but it took all we had to get those three and the group photo done. 🙂 Plus, we are neither as cute or as good of actors as these kids are.

Let’s not forget our dear patient, the pumpkin.  How awesome of a job did the hubs do??? We even picked up some blue light sticks for the full effect. By the way, he also shot all of our photos and edited them in one day. Best, most talented husband ever!

HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!  Be safe, have lots of fun and eat tons of candy.

If you missed it, make sure to check out how I made the Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness costumes.

Halloween: Joy and Disgust Costumes

And last but not least…Joy and Disgust! Things have been pretty busy this Halloween weekend, so I will leave you with these shots of our costumes and you can probably tell who I will be and who my hubby will be.

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for following our Inside Out costume series!

I will reveal final photos of us in our costumes on Halloween.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

If you missed it, make sure to check out the Fear, Anger and Sadness costumes.

Photo Oct 05, 2 38 53 PM.jpg


Halloween: Fear Costume

This is Fear! My other twin baby boy will be Fear. He is not really scared all of the time, but he does have a very sweet and sad worried face.

His beanie was a little more complicated as it had the standard rounded top, so I enlisted the help of my BFF and seamstress, Lauren. Fear has one curlycue hair on top of his head.  This super fat purple pipe cleaner did the trick. (I have never had to write out “curlycue” before and I am not even sure if that is how you spell it!  Someone please enlighten me.)Fear also wears a bow tie and like the tie from Anger, I simply folded, glued and folded until I got the right shape.A hounds tooth patterned vest completed the top, another Lauren addition. Since the fabric was not that stretchy, we overlapped the two sides of the vest and left it to glue shut at the last minute, giving my baby’s cute belly some room to grow and breathe. 🙂Paired with some slacks and Fear is ready to go! As you can probably deduce by now, my husband and I will be Joy and Disgust and I will be sharing those tomorrow!

If you missed it, make sure to check out the Anger and Sadness costumes!

I will reveal final photos of us in our costumes on Halloween.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

Halloween: Anger Costume

Next up is Anger! One of my twin boys will be Anger and he has the perfect mad face for it. 🙂 Since I didn’t want to use wigs on the babies, I decided to make them beanies instead. I have never made a beanie before but Anger has such a square face that a square beanie did not seem too complicated.  I used stretchy red fleece and also picked up some stiff felt for the flames that would be on top of his head.The hardest part was sewing the finished flames into the top of the beanie.  The material was very thick especially layered on top of each other.

In the movie, Anger’s outfit is pretty simple. White top, slacks and a red tie, he is all business. I found the perfect red pattern for an almost vintage feel for the tie. I’d like to say I had a method for constructing it, but I basically started with a piece of fabric and just glued, folded, glued, folded, glued, until I got the shape that I wanted.

To make it comfy, the tie was fabric glued onto a long sleeved white onesie.Baby khaki trousers completes the look.


Three more costumes to go. If you missed it, see the Sadness costume here!

I will reveal final photos of us in our costumes on Halloween.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

Halloween Treat Bags

My daughter and I worked on putting together treat bags for the trick-or-treaters. If you know me, then you know I love giving out goodie bags.  Here’s what’s inside this year.

I absolutely adore these drawstring bags from Oriental Trading.  Halloween for me is more cute than scary.  That probably says more about my life than I would care to admit. 🙂


Also from Oriental Trading, I found Peanuts paper airplanes that come in a compact little package and are super easy to put together.  Even the big kids like paper airplanes, and by big I mean my adult male friends. (These were so popular, I think they sold out. I couldn’t find the link for this one but there are a lot more Halloween Peanuts items for sale!)


Instead of glow in the dark light sticks, I chose glow in the dark Halloween stickers.


And we didn’t forget the chocolate!  I know some people choose to do the opposite but we always pick the candy we like to eat since we know there will be leftovers.


If you love to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, you should try putting bags together.  The kids go bonkers over them and all it takes is a trip to the dollar store or even just putting your handful of candy in a goodie bag!

Mermaid Princess Party

While I was (very) pregnant with the twins, my best friend’s daughter was turning 3 and having a mermaid party. I really wanted to help even though I could barely walk through the store at the time! I didn’t know what I was going to make at first but I knew that I would use whatever I could find at the dollar store in one trip.

Looking for anything mermaid or princess, I decided to pull together some centerpieces.My daughter and a I spent some quality art time together dipping shells in fuschia, aqua, and green glitter…

and we carefully placed them in the bowls on top of the glass beads with the mini tiara combs.I wrapped jeweled ribbon around the top of the bowl and glued small styrofoam balls to look like pearls.After everything was done, each centerpiece probably cost about $3 a piece. Such a steal and perfect for the mermaid princess’ special day!I had some leftover shells and pearls. How cute are these for some table confetti?

For more mermaid princess crafts, check out these tiaras and wands!

Baby Album(s) Prep

My c-section date is almost a week away.  In my time before the boys arrive, I have been trying to think of as many things that I can do now to make my life easier after the births.  It is so cliche but so true that it is just harder to do these things the more kids you have and now I have two more albums to make, not just one!  I had to come up with a plan now so that this process would not be so time consuming.

I picked up a couple 8.5″ x 11″ scrapbook albums in different colors.  I want the boys to be twins but to also have their own identities and so I decided against making each one the same.Photo May 17, 10 41 29 AM.jpgCoordinated sets of scrapbook paper and animal stickers set the theme and tone for each book.  One, jungle animals and the other, sea animals.Photo May 18, 8 53 08 AM.pngThese monthly stickers by Months In Motion came in the perfect palettes to match each album.  Not only can I use them for the boys’ monthly photos but they can go in their scrapbook after.Photo May 18, 8 52 38 AMI assembled each book, choosing which page in which order and including a monthly sticker every two pages.  This will give me a two page spread for each month of photos.Photo May 17, 10 48 50 AM.jpgWe have received so many adorable cards for the boys and I hate to have to throw them away. In the past, I have made milestone frames from them, but I also love to cut out the cute parts and include them as embellishments in the albums once the photos are in.Photo May 17, 10 50 10 AMI also picked up a pack of themed cards from Project Life and will use them for more embellishment and to write little notes about the boys throughout the books.Photo May 17, 10 51 24 AM.jpgOrganizing photos is always challenging.  As we take photos of the babies, I hope to create a folder either on my phone or computer of ones that would be good for the album and to have them printed on a regular basis.

I really think this prep work will allow me to enjoy the process and to not feel overwhelmed that I have two to make!  Having all the supplies I need, ready to go, will also motivate me to actually get it done.  Wish me luck!