Pom Pom & Tassel Keychains

Did you catch those pom pom and tassel keychains at my Craft Night? Well, they were a super easy DIY favor I gave to everyone who joined in all of the making!

When we returned from vacation in Cabo, Mexico, I was so inspired by all of the colors in their handmade pom pom and tassel items that I went straight to the craft store and picked up these yarn skeins with super bright color gradients.

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For this craft, you will need:

Now, you don’t “need” to buy a pom pom and tassel maker BUT I did try and make them using the hacks you can find online and let’s just say I was happy to invest the <$10 for each of these items to make my life a little easier.

The directions on the back of the pom pom and tassel maker packages were fairly good but if you prefer to try your own method, Pinterest has some great tutorials.

When you make your tassel, make sure to leave enough string on top to add your pom pom and any beads you want to use. You will also be tying the lobster clasp to that string so make sure to factor that into the length as well.

  1. Thread your string into a large needle.
  2. Add your beads and use the needle to push the string through the center of the pom pom.
  3. Add more beads on top if you wish.
  4. Double-knot the end of your string to the jump ring.
  5. Attach the jump ring to the lobster clasp.

*I did not do this, but would suggest adding a little hot glue to my knot on the jump ring as mine already untied. But I think adding the glue should do the trick. Thank goodness for the glue gun!

These keychains look especially good attached to your black bags because of how much the colors pop! Add them to your beach bag, your car, your purse or backpack or give them away to friends!


Craft Night – Yarn Wall Hanging

You guys! I had my very first craft night and I can honestly say that it was a huge success. I wanted to give you all the details as well as some tips if you are looking to put on one of your own!

I have wanted to put on my own craft night ever since going to the one put on by my girl Desiree from Heirloom Paper. It was such a fulfilling creative outlet, a fun night out with friends and a great way to meet others who love/aspire to be more crafty. More than 2 YEARS (!!!) later, it finally seemed like the right time to jump in and do it and the yarn wall hanging was the perfect first craft.

TIP: When picking a craft, make sure to teach something you have done before. I know this seems like common sense, but you really don’t know how involved it can get or how long something will take until you have tried it for yourself. I doubt you or your guests want a 6 hour craft night or something too hard that it becomes frustrating.

The yarn wall hanging I made was on display and since this was my first (aka tester) craft night, I wanted to give a special thanks to all of my guests with these handmade pom pom & tassel keychains. (Tutorial coming soon!)

Upon receiving everyone’s RSVP, I made sure to ask if they had a preference on yarn color. I really wanted this to be something they would love and want to display proudly in their homes. There were also inspirational photos sent out a couple days before the event and up during the night.

TIP: Give your guests lots of ideas and different ways to make the craft their own. Not everyone has the same style, so it is important to give your guests options. I know that if I am tasked with a new craft, I need to see what other’s have done first before deciding on what I want mine to look like. Give them enough time to see some options and make sure to have them available at your event.

Can I tell you how happy all of these colors make me!These next few photos should speak for themselves really. LOL! My secret: good ol’ Trader Joes.

TIP: Have food and drink ready! Now, I love throwing parties, so your spread does not have to look like this, but I do feel like going the extra step just adds to the ambience of the whole night. If you are having a craft night, there is not usually time or set-up available to add dinner in there, so I would suggest light apps and/or desserts.  Just make sure to warn your guest to eat their meal beforehand!

P.S. Check out those adorable (and disposable!) wine and water glasses! (Post coming soon on those beauties!)

For the crafting areas, a layer of kraft paper served to protect the tables but also to give the space a more uniformed look. Each seat had a set of tools needed and if you need your guests to share, just put them in the middle for them to take turns. 

TIP: Have seating assignments. I know, I know…this can be somewhat “controversial.” But seating always gives me a little anxiety if I don’t know where to sit and if your guests know their seat is saved, there is no need for them to hover around their area or claim their spot before the event begins. The trick to this is to make sure to place groups that come together next to each other!

After some mingling, drinking & eating time, there was a quick intro by me and a short tutorial to get everyone started.

TIP: Make a somewhat loose schedule for how you want your night to go. This will help you to keep the night on track and to get your guests started doing what they came to do!

I was so happy to see how everyone got straight to it! Some knew exactly what they wanted to do first and the others that didn’t took time to wander around, look at the inspiration pieces or to see what others were doing until they got their spark. I LOVED seeing people ask others for suggestions or opinions and making crafting a communal and social activity. No one was afraid to try anything and if they didn’t like it, they took it out and started again.

TIP: If you are hosting/teaching, make yourself the non-official expert/consultant for the night. This does not mean that you have to know how to do everything. Believe me, I could not remember for the life of me how to macrame that night and I have done it a couple times before! But you should be available to help your guests figure out what to do by giving them options or talking out their ideas with you.

This was one of my favorite parts: being able to help someone fulfill their vision!

Most of all, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED seeing everyone’s makes. They were all SO different and so much like the person that made them. I cannot say enough how impressed I am by how they turned out, especially from those that have expressed to me before that they are “not crafty.” Yea… I don’t think they can tell me that again!

Aren’t they amazing!!! The wall hangings and the women that made them! Not like there was much doubt before, but I am definitely doing more of these in the future. I even have the next couple crafts picked out, so make sure to follow along!

Getting to Know You – Teacher Questionnaire

Can you believe summer is almost over and it’s almost time to go back to school?! If you have been following along, you know I am a huge fan of thoughtful gift giving. It can be quite challenging when you don’t know much about the person though and unfortunately my daughter’s teachers always fall in that category. This past year at our school, the parents were given a questionnaire that all of the teacher’s filled out and that made buying thoughtful gifts SO much easier.

If this is not available at your school, I made this questionnaire for you to take gift giving matters into your own hands!


Just print it and ask your child’s teacher to fill it out at the beginning of the school year.  I even included a place for your student to write their name so they know who to give it back to.  I can confidently say that this survey is “teacher approved” having asked a handful of close teacher friends and family what they would like their students to know about them! Not only will you know what to get those deserving and hardworking teachers, this will also give you a chance to get to know them a little bit better!

Has this been helpful? I would love to hear from you!

Pin Cushion Cactus

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It has been way too long since I have made something for me.  So long, in fact, that I cannot remember what the last thing was. I have been looking for ideas for a super cute pin cushion now that I have started sewing again and when I came across some felt cacti, I knew I had a winner. Cacti and needles just go together perfectly, plus it is super cute and something you would not mind to keep out as decor.

Disclaimer: I apologize for not always putting my supplies in the photo but a lot of what I come up with are last minute light bulb moments. 🙂

You will need:

  • Green felt for cactus
  • Pink felt for flower
  • Glitter canvas for flower (I am obsessed with this stuff)
  • Mini yellow pom poms
  • Mini pearl beads (not pictured)
  • Embroidery floss or sewing machine
  • Fiberfill
  • Small clay pot
  • Styrofoam for inside pot (not pictured)
  • Rocks to cover styrofoam (not pictured)
  • Hot glue

p.s. Check out these amazing iridescent colored scissors! I have been looking for some fun, unique craft scissors, especially for all the craft photos I take and I could not resist these.

Cut out 6 pieces of green felt into oval like shapes but with a flat bottom.  The length could be as tall as you want it, just make sure the width is about as wide as your pot. Using your sewing machine or by hand, sew together two pieces at a time around the arc leaving the bottom flat side open. Repeat with the other 4 pieces to make 2 more pairs. Take all 3 pairs of sewn green felt, layer them on top of each other and sew them together with a line right down the middle. For thinner wool felt, I was able to use my machine, but for craft felt, I had to sew it by hand as it was too thick.

Using a chopstick or pencil, stuff your cactus sections with the fiberfill.  You should have 6 sections to stuff.  Make them nice and full to give your pins something to hold on to.

To make the flower, I used 3 different types of flower shapes to layer on to each other. (It is not necessary to have the hole in the light pink flower. I made it thinking I was going to do some things differently but ended up not needing it.) Hot glue them together and stick the little pom poms on top. Take your little pearl beads and glue them onto the spines of each section.  You could use the ball pins for this part of the decor as well, but I wanted mine to be a more permanent feature of the cactus.

For the pot, an old styrofoam ball happened to fit inside perfectly. I used some decorative rocks to cover the sides of the ball and hot glued them on: hot glue, rocks, let cool, shake off, repeat. This required quite a few layers to get the height and coverage I wanted.When you are satisfied with your rock coverage, add a generous amount of hot glue to the center of the styrofoam and put your cactus on top.  Hold it down for a few seconds in order to make sure it sticks. It was so easy, that I made a darker, circular shaped cacti for my mom as a thank you for re-teaching me how to sew. Instead of oval shaped felt, cut out circular ones with flat bottoms for this type of cactus.

Add your pins and you’re done!

Star Spangled Shaker Wands

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Part of the problem of being a crafter is that there is always another tool/toy that you want.  Have you seen those awesome clear plastic shaker pouches where you can add confetti and sequins inside?  Well, I love them. They are made using a fuse tool to melt the plastic together, which I don’t have but want one day. When I saw the Fourth of July Ribbon Wand from Sweet Rose Studio,  I knew that there had to be a way that I could make these with the supplies I had. And that’s when I thought, GLUE GUN!

For these star spangled wands you will need:

  1. To start with the shaker top of your wand, cut out a shape template. This star was 4 inches across. Insert it into the plastic sleeve.
  2. Heat up the glue gun and run the tip of the glue gun around your shape template slowly to melt the two plastic layers together. Make sure to do this on top of a heat proof surface. I used a silicone mat on top of my cutting mat.
  3. Fuse all the edges together leaving an opening big enough to put in the confetti and glitter stars.
  4. Cut out your star around the fused area leaving extra plastic around the open section.

Cut out some stars, a little larger than the confetti, out of the glitter canvas.  I cut enough to glue them back-to-back so that each side was a glitter side!

Remove your paper template from inside the plastic and insert your confetti and glitter stars, the best part! To seal it off, put your paper template on top of your heat mat with your shaker star on top.  You can see the template through the plastic and this will allow you to continue to fuse along the remaining edges with your glue gun. The lines were not as straight and thin as they would be with a fuse tool, but they did the job for this project.

Since this was so last minute, I was not able to find any 4th of July themed ribbon. Using the same confetti, I glued red, white and blue stars to the white ribbon. Figure out how full you want your ribbon wands to be and how long to cut them. I used 5 red and 3 white ribbons about 16 inches long. Take your wood dowel and glue gun the ribbons all around the top.Wrap your thin rope to cover the edges of the ribbon around the top of the dowel and secure with hot glue. Add a generous amount of hot glue to the wrapped rope, wait a few seconds for it to cool a bit, and then attach your shaker star.You are ready for your 4th of July parade!


Paper Mobile

Whew…do you have that one month where it seems like every other day is someone’s birthday? And not just anyones birthdays, but our twins, both of my sisters, my mom, my husband, mine, a handful of close friends and family… June is our month and it even trickles a little into May and July.  I was crafting crazy! One of the last of these is my little sister, Emily.

I wanted to make her something for her adorable post college, #bosslady apartment. I took the opportunity to finally use my sewing machine for the first time since I got it at Christmas. But I wasn’t sewing fabric, I used paper for this super easy mobile!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

You will need:

  • Printed cardstock paper
  • Sewing machine
  • White thread
  • Embroidery hoop
  • String for hanging

Emily recently traveled to Morocco and I felt a lot of these prints were very appropriate. I cut out triangles with my handy Cricut machine because I wanted them to be the same size.

My mom set up my machine and gave me a quick refresher course as I have not sewn for at least 20 years! Putting two pieces together, back-to-back as they were not printed on one side, I ran them through the machine with a straight stitch. Make sure to have extra thread out when you begin so that you can tie the row onto your hoop.For an unplanned, organic feel, don’t worry too much about spacing them equally apart.
After completing each row, I tied them onto the inside portion of an embroidery hoop. Tie string to four equally spaced sides of the hoop and bring them together in the center for hanging.

That’s it! A super modern yet delicate mobile for your home.

Mini Bouquets

I don’t know what it is but I love mini bouquets! They are such a sweet, little sentiment to give someone and are perfect for those “just because” occasions. If you hate the clear plastic wrapping as much as I do, here is a super easy way to dress up your mini bouquet.Grab a sheet of your favorite printed scrapbook paper. Glitter and double-sided paper would be super fun too! (Have you heard about my scrapbook paper addiction???) Turn it over and fold up one corner.Place your bouquet on top and start to wrap the sides around the bouquet.Once you fold over the last side, fasten with a piece of clear tape or even a pretty printed label or sticker. You could even wrap a ribbon around it if you wanted to get extra fancy.That’s it! Really! Pretty market flowers that no longer look like they were from the market.


Pegasus Bow & Clip Holder

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I don’t know about your house but at our house, we are not truly ready for preschool until we have a “pretty thing” for our hair. This adds another 5-10 minutes to the already long get ready routine so I was motivated to help the situation. Disney’s Hercules is up on the favorite movie list and Baby Pegasus is so cute. As you can tell from the Moana Necklace a few posts back, I love making things with my daughter’s favorite characters.

You will need:

If you decide to try a character, find an image of them online. I discovered this Steve Thompson illustration while I was searching for Pegasus images. He is a Disney illustrator and designer and I love his take on the characters. After printing and cutting your character out, trace them on what you decide will be their base color. You can then cut individual pieces of the character apart to use as guides for other colors of felt.

TIP: Try to keep it simple and only plan to cut out the larger color block portions.  For smaller things, like the eyes and mouth, I would suggest embroidering.

Glue all of your pieces onto your base and you will start to see your character take shape! Decide what details you would like to add and embroider those on. I used the outline stitch with only one (black) or two (other colors) pieces of thread.

TIP: Use tacky glue instead of hot glue for those really small pieces.  You don’t want to burn those fingers.

Once you decide which setting your character should be in, use the stiff felt for that base. I wanted Pegasus to be on a cloud under a rainbow, of course!To make the rainbow, I was not sure how big it would end up being so I started with the inside and worked my way out with rainbow sequins and clear seed beads.  I also added some clear, iridescent sequins to the outline of the cloud.Turn your character around and hang your ribbons from the bottom with a little bit of glue. Make a loop for hanging and glue onto the top. Cut out another piece of felt to cover the entire back portion and glue on.Done! This is definitely more intricate but as long as you have some stiff felt, ribbons and glue, you can make the same thing in whatever shape or style you wish.  Cut out a pink heart, add a loop and some ribbons on bottom and you’re done!  Get those pre-cut felt shapes and designs and glue those on, add a loop and some ribbon and you’re done!This can be a great gift and a way to keep all of the bows and clips in one place with something cute to hang up on the wall or towel rack.  Now they are all out in front of her.  Hopefully we have cut the “pretty thing” searching down a couple minutes. Lol!

Macrame & Yarn Wall Hanging

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For my sister’s 30th birthday, I wanted to make her something because she is always making something for either me or my kids. Since she liked the yarn wall hanging I made for myself, I decided to do a spin on it and try macrame with the actual rope you are supposed to use.This is only the second time I have tried macrame and this post is not a tutorial, but I wanted to show you how you can mix different types of textiles, fibers, and techniques to create a unique piece. After looping the macrame rope onto a wood dowel with a lark’s head knot, I taped it down to my cutting mat to hold it in place.  The macrame was made entirely with diagonal double half hitch knots using a tutorial from Parlor. I wanted my pattern to be somewhat geometric and clean.After I decided the pattern was finished, I tied rope around both edges of the dowel, knotted it and then brought both ends up and to the middle to make a triangle shape and then knotted it again.

To play on the macrame pattern of circles and triangles, I tied the triangle into the gold hoop. I had previously looped the dark grey yarn along the bottom of the hoop with the lark’s head knots, similar to my other yarn wall hanging project.

I always cut the ends last because I want to see the entire project before I do something so final. For this piece, I decided to go super short thinking about my sister and her love of clean lines with a touch of mid century modern. I actually left the dark grey yarn for her to put her own touch on it and decide how long or short to go. Although the macrame did take some time, it was the same knot over and over again and that made it a little less complicated. I love taking something that I have done already and putting spin on it to create something unique and new.






First Birthday Carnival

Invite design by my super talented husband!

Our boys are ONE! The night before the big party, I was prepping and thinking how first birthdays are kind of silly. The boys are too young to remember and yet the first birthday party is such a big deal. I came to realize that this party was in part for our boys, but more so for all the close people in our lives. And of course for us to celebrate having made it through the newborn and infant stages!

Chase and Caden have completely different personalities. The inspiration for the party came from that difference.  We always thought that Chase had very gentleman-like qualities. He is quiet, observant and plays independently.  Caden always reminds us of a king. He sits up very straight and almost looks down his nose at others! And he loves when he is the center of attention. Little Man Chase and King Cades became the theme of the party and to make it even more fun, we made it a carnival!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.

Color palette: dark and light blues with gold and silver metallics. I wanted to combine top hats and mustaches with crowns and sparkly golds.

My husband and I are big kids ourselves, so when we throw a birthday party for our kids, the fun is for the adults too. As soon as the guests entered, they grabbed a crown and a ‘stache.

My little crepe paper buntings draped the top of every window and sliding door. It was such a simple DIY and I love anything that can be stapled!

TIP: I keep hooks over the slider all year round. They come in handy for holidays and parties.

Over the fireplace, I made a super full but still really easy crepe paper banner. TIP: Did you know that you don’t need any tape or glue with crepe paper tassels? Twist it and it holds!

TIP: Always, always, always try to make decorations that can be  re-purposed for another celebration. This paper straw banner was from my daughter’s party earlier this year. I just added some metallic fringe to the ends.

One of my favorite parts of a first birthday party is seeing all of the monthly photos together. For King Caden’s banner, I chose very royal, metallic and bold prints. The shape of the bunting also gave it a medieval feel.

For Little Man Chase’s banner, I chose muted colors and prints that reminded me of a business shirt. The shape of his bunting looked like a tie.

To label each photo with the month, I gave them mini construction paper top hats and crowns and wrote the number on them.

You have probably heard me say over and over that I am not a baker. I wish I was but I’m not. Thank goodness for my amazing market bakery.

I told them exactly what I wanted and they gave it to me and they were delicious.

Ten minutes on the Cricut machine and I had the cutest little crown and ‘stache cupcake toppers!

For the outside decor, I wanted to keep it fairly simple as all of the games would be outside too.  Flowy crepe paper hung from the trees,

dollar store white and blue table clothes mimicked a circus tent around the patio,

and one of my favorite DIY decorations, punch ball balloons! TIP: Those huge balloons are so festive and this is a great way to have them minus the helium. The reason they work so well is because they have elastic on top to hang and a place to tie a tassel on, on the bottom!

The games were spread out on the lawn. All homemade and classic carnival fun. I knew not only would the kids enjoy them but the adults would too.

If you don’t know already, I am the oldest of 16 cousins, I think it’s 16, haha. My mom has 5 sisters. So we have a BIG family. They all came to help with the party and even manned the games and gave out tickets.

Ping pong toss was the first game I thought of, it is my fav! There’s something so satisfying when that ball clinks around on the glasses and then falls in! It was fairly easy to make, the backboard took some brain power and effort.

Can toss was another game that was super easy to put together. We saved our cans and I wrapped them in fun paper, ordered some bean bags and that was it!

Tic tac toe was a little more challenging to make but I ended up finding the perfect square cardboard box, which was not easy to find. I cut the dividers out of foam core and covered them in wrapping paper.

Maybe the simplest game to put together but one of the hardest to play was ring toss.

The highlight of the games was the prize table where you could turn in your tickets for all of these goodies!

Okay, I lied. The highlight was the cotton candy machine.  Everyone wanted to try it but my cousin Kathy is now named Queen of the Cotton Candy. She was determined to master it and I think she did!

The kiddos loved it!

What’s a carnival without popcorn?  These mini popcorn containers were adorable. We popped bags and bags of microwave popcorn and my uncle handed them out to the crowd.

I think the highlight of my boys day though was definitely the cake. They were SO tired at this point but they were such troopers. I barely saw them as they were passed from friend to family to friend. They definitely stole the show.

Having twins is no joke, and add in other siblings and you have a very full life; full of every emotion, activity and feeling that you can think of. Our friends and family have supported us from the beginning and our parents have been there for us more times than we can count.  This party was for them and I hope they enjoyed every minute of it.