DIY Confetti Shaker Card

A very good friend is having a baby shower soon and I wanted to make her card. Thinking about how many greeting cards are actually thrown away, I really wanted to make this card something special and something that could be used to decorate the nursery. I love dual purpose crafting!

A shaker card has a clear pocket where you can put fun fillings inside like confetti, sequins, glitter, etc. The pieces are loose and you can shake it around, hence the name shaker card! You can see how to make it here on the Cardstock Warehouse blog!

Cars 3 Birthday Party

FIVE. What a fun age to have a birthday party! This party was filled with a lot of firsts. First time having it at somewhere other than our home (a gymnastics center!), first time inviting school friends, and the first time where the kids almost outnumbered the adults.

Ellie chose Cars 3 for her theme. I hope our kids want Disney/Pixar parties every year because this was such a fun one to put together. Being outside of the home, the decor was very minimal but that let me really focus on the few things that I wanted to do!

In the goodie bags, I made mini notebooks with some cardstock and printer paper. To bind it, I put a couple staples in the spine. I also made magnetic Piston Cup bookmarks using a tutorial by Erica, Lead Designer at Cardstock Warehouse. You can see how here!

Of course, I had to do cupcake toppers.

Cars design courtesy of ClipArtSuperStore.

This mirrored cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse was perfect for headlights and the metal hood emblem.

It has become a tradition now for my sister, Sara to make Ellie her own personal cake for her parties.

Check out this inside!!! When you cut into it, it just smells of strawberry and chocolate. SO good.

I think it is safe to say that my husband and I have happy and full hearts after this weekend. Seeing our girl have so much fun with her family and her friends was the best thing ever.

Photo by Fishman Creative

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World Oral Health Day DIY Banner

It is World Oral Health Day! My mom has worked for the same dentist for 44 years. Needless to say, oral health care was very important in our household. I wanted to make something special for Dr. T’s office as he has known me since before I was born and has taken such good care of not only my teeth but our entire family’s teeth. My mom and I designed this banner to hang in the waiting room and I am going to show you how you can make this DIY banner with customizable bunting shapes without the use of a cutting machine!

See how you can contribute to a really great cause, Cheerful Heart Mission and my tutorial for your own DIY banner on the Cardstock Warehouse Blog!


A Peace of Creativity teamed up with Sara’s Bud Shop for a craft night full of making beautiful felt flowers!

The room was filled with inspirational photos, real flowers, and wool blend felt and poms in gorgeous colors from Benzie Design.

Each seat was set with a floral place card made with Cardstock Warehouse paper, a gold metal macrame ring to make a wreath, a glue gun mat, a goodie bag and their personal felt colors.

I had to include this lemon tart because my best friend made it but mostly because it’s beautiful!

And now for the best part!

These ladies were felt flower rock stars. Sara gave them the basics of flower construction along with some tips and tricks and they took it and ran with it, making each flower and each wreath their own. Some invented their own petal and leaf shapes and one even added an adorable little bee. See if you can find it in the photos above!

I know I say it every time but I always end these nights feeling so impressed and fulfilled. I love that everyone had fun and that they are taking something beautiful home that makes them proud to say, I made that!

Huge thanks to Sara from Sara’s Bud Shop for building out the tutorial, giving one on one instruction and making everyone feel comfortable and confident in their abilities!



DIY Valentine’s Resist Hearts

I am so excited to be a part of the Cardstock Warehouse 2018 Design Team where I have the opportunity to work with some really beautiful and luxurious paper, alongside some very creative ladies.

My very first post is up! My daughter and I show you how we handmade secret message Valentines and personal paint palettes for her classmates.

See more here!


DIY Letter Board Accessories

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the Amazon links below.

It’s my first post in the New Year and this one might already be one of my favorites! Who else has jumped on the letter board train? I love using it in photos for my crafts but it is also really fun to have at home, put up for special events or in photos with the kids. After having it though, I realized that there is not a lot of options for accessories. The stores carry some in the same plastic material as the letters but I am always a fan of mixing textures and what better to do that than with my favs, felt and sparkle!

In this tutorial, I am going to show you a really simple way to make your own custom letter board accessories!

You will need:

  • Small and cheap letter board letters or shapes (I found these emoji ones in the dollar spot at Target!) I say cheap, because you will be covering these up and using them only for the peg piece on the back.
  • Templates or stencils of the shapes you want to create, like these hearts for Valentine’s Day
  • Felt or stiff felt
  • Glitter canvas
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Xacto knife
  • Thin marker

Start by figuring out what shapes you want to use to decorate your letter board and cut them out in the felt and glitter canvas. I cut two pieces of felt out, one for the front and one for the backing and a smaller piece on glitter canvas. Since Valentine’s Day is next month, hearts seemed very appropriate.

Next, take one of your letter board letters or shapes and position it on the felt backing where you would like the peg piece to go. If the letter is too big for your shape, you can cut it down around the peg.  Just make sure to leave enough space to add glue later. Lower it just a bit so that you can mark where to cut into the felt. Take your Xacto knife and make a small cut just big enough for the peg piece to fit through.

Push the peg piece through the small hole to make sure it fits and goes through all the way. You can then hot glue it in place. Take your felt front piece and hot glue it on top.

Glue your smaller glitter heart on top and you’re not going to believe this but you are done!

You can make this craft even more simple by finding pre-made shapes in the dollar bins at your favorite stores and just simply gluing it onto the plastic peg piece. I covered the back to give it a more finished look but that is completely optional to its functionality.

Love what you see but don’t want to make it??? This Valentine’s Day set along with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter below are all available in my Sparkle Shop. Look for the Bundle listing of all 3 holidays and as a special gift to all my readers get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING with orders $25 and over with the coupon code below.

My Favorite Craft Projects of 2017

It’s almost 2018 my friends, and it has been a busy year at A Peace of Creativity. Looking back, this has been one of the most pivotal times in my creative career: from making new friends in the creative social media community, to starting craft nights, opening my Sparkle Shop and designing custom party decor, I cannot be more grateful to be able to pursue my passions.

I am counting down my Top 5 Favorite Projects from 2017 which was no easy feat as I really enjoyed everything I made this year. I would love to hear which one was your fav!



Need something bright and colorful to dress-up that boring old bag? These DIY pom pom and tassel keychains were a little thank you for the guests of my very first Craft Night!




This gorgeous paper leaves chandelier is the perfect mix of natural, metallic, and geometric and was made for my sister’s Metallic Garden Bridal Shower. It is a beautiful addition to any event or home.



This one I made for my mom and I! Keep your pins stored in this cute yet functional felt cactus pin cushion. A super easy DIY that can be made with a sewing machine or by hand.



For my daughter’s favorite movie at the time, make your very own Disney’s Moana necklace that opens and closes and glow in the dark Heart of Te Fiti gem. Free pattern printable and tutorial!



Of course this one is my absolute favorite. You will want to see our three little superheroes, each with their own sets of powers and ready to save the world!

There is no question that I would not have been able to accomplish so much without your support. Thank you for following along in my journey and I am so excited to show you what I have planned for 2018. Happy New Year!



Small World Inspired Christmas Garland

One of my favorite Disneyland rides during the holidays is “It’s a Small World.” I love, love, love all of the white sparkly decor and especially the huge white garland that is on almost everything inside the ride! The best part about the garland is the plastic, translucent, iridescent balls on the lights.

I have been wanting to recreate these for years but it was difficult finding iridescent, clear ornament balls that were made of plastic and not glass until I ran into them at Joann’s this season! I think I did a pretty good job…the left is on the actual ride and the right is my version!

To give your garland a little something extra this season, all you need are some white sparkly garland, colorful lights, and plastic, iridescent ornament balls.

To prep the balls, remove the aluminum caps and metal pins.

Slide the pin around the light wires and behind the light you want the ball to go around.

While putting the light in the ball, insert the metal pin as well and push together.

The wire should hold the ball in place, with the light in the center!

Look at how magical they are! I love the way the iridescent ball reflects all of the the different colors of lights. They definitely give me Small World vibes and now I want to make all of our holiday decor in these colors!

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Craft Night – Geometric Cork Coasters

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase using the Amazon links below.

Another successful craft night in the books! A lovely group joined us this past weekend to make their own set of painted, geometric cork coasters. Just like the last event, it was so much fun to see everyone’s individual personality come out in their creativity.

One thing I try to accomplish is to have a variety of methods and choices for each person to feel comfortable in their crafting ability while still feeling challenged and proud of what they make. I supplied geometric stencils made by my handy Cricut, painter’s tape to make your own patterns, and brushes for anyone who wanted to freehand.

See this post for a full tutorial on making your own set with painter’s tape.

After some festive drinks and treats, everyone got right to work. The focus in the room was intense and you can see why below!

Look at what they made!

At each craft night so far we have had a variety of people with different crafting and artistic levels. Some consider themselves not crafty at all while others are semi/professional. One of the best things about these nights for me is to not be able to see the difference at the end of the night. Being creative and crafty are more of a state of mind when you see someone expressing themselves through what they make and I hope everyone that attends has more confidence at the end of the day to say that they are!

For tips on hosting your own craft night, see here.