Big Girl Bed

I can’t believe it is time, but it is time. My little baby is ready for her big girl bed. We have had this Kura bed from Ikea in mind for quite a while. Not only is it a canopy bed, but you can flip it upside down and it turns into a bunk. When she is old enough to sleep on top safely, she will have an additional play space or a place for a friend to sleep below.  You can find a plethora of Kura bed hacks on Pinterest but we opted for a simple white paint. To match her current decor, we chose turquoise sheets and a grey and white duvet cover which go perfectly with all of the colors in her room.

 I wrapped tiny white flower lights around the canopy top.

 These simple, white, netting curtains were a steal and super simple to just drape over the beams. They stay in place because of the lights beneath them!

 The effect of the netting over the lights gives the bed such a magical, dreamy and ethereal feel. Exactly what we wanted for our big girl.



6 thoughts on “Big Girl Bed

  1. I love this idea just curious how you got the mattress so low? Did you have to move the slats? We have always used a regular mattress which is much thicker then what IKEA sold with the set which is why I’m asking. Also, you draped the curtains all the way around the bed even though it was up against the wall? My daughter is going to fall in LOVE with this idea!!! She wanted a canopy but with the room being small and the fan going almost year round in Florida it simply isn’t an option……….thanks for giving me another suggestion.

  2. I’m unsure of where my post went but I will try to type it again. First of all I LOVE this idea and I believe this will put the finishing touches on keeping what we have and making changes rather then spending a lot more money. Also, did you move or simply remove the slats so that the mattress sits in lower? We have always have a regular mattress, not what IKEA would sell.

    1. Hi Janice! We did remove the slats so that the mattress lies on the floor. The mattress is not from Ikea it is kind of a cheaper one to be honest that we had from a trundle bed that we used. That is probably why it is not as thick and sits below. Our daughter loves her bed. The curtains made the transition a little easier since a bed can feel so big coming from a crib. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions! I am so happy this inspired you!

    1. Hi Victoria! I think we used white house paint. We are definitely not professional painters in any way but it seemed to work for us!

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