Halloween Costume: Baymax 2.0

Our daughter is finally hitting an age where dressing up is fun and for the most part, she gets the idea of Trick or Treating but we did have to help a little in picking out a costume. One of her favorite movies is Big Hero 6 and we thought it would be awesome for her to be Baymax 2.0 in his red super suit!

I don’t know about you all, but I am severely disappointed in the quality and look of kid’s costumes that you buy in the store. Unless you spend a fortune, some look like they will spontaneously combust into flames and actually still cost a fortune. Which is why I decided to make this one, and with minimal sewing!

I started with a plain red sweatshirt and cut it to be a crop top. I found ladies shoulder pads and covered them in red felt with a hot glue gun.

Using just a few small stitches, I tacked them to the sweatshirt.

For the purple parts of Baymax, I wanted to add just a touch of “girly” with this purple felt with silver glitter hearts.

Baymax had a purple belly, so I glued this egg shaped felt onto an old tank top right where it will peek out from underneath the sweatshirt.

Using red leg warmers, I cut a slit up the back and widened them to go over black boots.

Another touch of “girly” is the purple tutu. It was a little long and needed a trim.

It took a while to find the right shaped wings because Baymax’s wings go straight out like a bird’s, but these ladybug wings do the trick. I covered them with red felt and hot glue. We couldn’t resist buying the actual Baymax mask and fist.
  To complete the look, I had to make his nursing bot chip and the slot that goes on his chest.

IMG_6876To be honest, I almost nixed this idea because I was intimidated by the process and did not really have a plan on what to do.  I am glad I stuck with it though as it all came together really well.

Here’s our little super hero!




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