Farmers Market Birthday

My family and I were recently invited to one of the most creative ideas for a birthday party we have seen.

The decorative touches were on point with the red gingham fabric and seed packet banners,

“carrot” utensils and napkin bunches,

and all of the fabulous signage. (Which comes as no surprise since Mari’s mommy is a designer!)

 With the party taking place mostly in the backyard, the concept was simple. Play games, where everyone was a winner and earn gold coins! The games were fun and easy enough for all of the varying ages of kids at the party. From corn hole to apple ring toss,

carrot jumpin’ jack,

lemon drop,

and strawberry make a pie, almost every piece of every game was handmade or put together by the family.
I adored these strawberry bean bags and could not believe they were handmade with some felt, thread, beans and a black marker!The highlight of the day was definitely the fruit and veggie stand.  Here, the kids could take all of the coins they earned and “buy” as many fruits and veggies to take home as their little hearts desired.
Thank you Sherri & family and especially Mari for letting us celebrate with her! My daughter had a blast and honestly, we did too.



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