3 in 1 Kids Wall

My mother in-law asked me to help her think of a way to put up photos of the grandkids in the playroom at her house. Call me over cautious, but the thought of heavy glass frames hanging in the nursery or kids room makes me nervous.  Plus, how do you choose which photos to frame when kids grow up and change so fast.


After ordering 8×10 prints of the grandkids, my mother in-law used spray adhesive to mount the photos on pieces of foam core, which were very kindly custom cut by the framing desk at the local crafts store.  This simple process was a great solution to keeping the photos safe and budget friendly while still looking clean and professional.


In planning this space, I wanted it to function as more than just a photo gallery.  During a recent IKEA trip, I picked up two photo ledges, a hanging wire and clips.  These items took my husband and I less than an hour to install, another reason I love that store.



Now, not only do my in laws have a space to display photos, but it is also a place for books and artwork. Everything can be easily switched out or replaced and without any worry of being a danger to the kids.




6 thoughts on “3 in 1 Kids Wall

  1. I think the wire/clip setup might be exactly what I need once I get the walls in my art studio refinished. I’m hoping to set them up on all 4 walls near the ceiling so I can pace out my story sequences while I work.

    1. I’m totall going to do something like this!!!!!You are genius. I could encourage my parents to do the same thing when hanging photos. I totally still can’t decide what photos to hang.

  2. We are the luckiest grandparents in the world. Not only do we have the most wonderful grandchildren in the world but I am lucky enough to have a daughter in law and son that help me decorate their room. Even when they are not here I can go in this special room and be with them.

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